Have you ever found the screen size of your phone to be inadequate for watching a movie? I can totally relate. Tablets, in particular, offer the ideal viewing experience for movies: more relaxed than flicking on the TV, yet more immersive than watching on a tiny iPhone screen. So, what is the best tablet for watching movies?

It’s important to note that not all tablets can deliver the same quality of movie-watching experience. We tried out the best tablets for watching movies, from the glistening displays of the recently introduced Microsoft Surface Pro 9 to the incredibly portable Apple iPad Pro 2022.

These tablets above are guaranteed to do an exceptional job, no matter your budget, whether you want to watch movies at home or on the go, or both. Of course, headphones or a high-quality Bluetooth speaker are recommended to enjoy the immersive experience fully.

Can You Watch Movies on a Tablet?

Best Tablet for Watching Movies and Videos at Home

The tablet certainly has the potential for movie-watching. Tablets today have cutting-edge technology that allows them to fulfill multiple purposes. Tablets are perfect for watching movies on the go.

Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix are just a few famous streaming programs that work very well on tablets. A tablet’s optimized design and set of technology ensure a fluid video viewing experience.

Their long service life and vivid hues make them a fashionable option right now. The user community overwhelmingly lauds all of these features.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 Wi-Fi 32GB

Best Tablets for Watching Movies: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Image Source: samsung.com

The latest budget-friendly Android tablet from Samsung is the Galaxy Tab A7. It has a 7-inch HD touchscreen and an S Pen stylus included. Powered by a quad-core CPU and with 2 GB of RAM, the Galaxy Tab A7 is packed with features. A 5-megapixel back camera and a 2-megapixel front camera are also included. In addition, it has 16 GB of inbuilt storage that we can expand with a microSD card.

This gadget has a huge screen with a compact design. It is, therefore, appropriate for both children and adults. The Tab A7 is a fantastic movie option due to its huge screen. It can be supported on a table or held in one hand.

Its lightweight construction allowed us to handle it for extended periods of time without getting tired. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is the best tablet for watching movies in 2022 because of its excellent sound, which, when combined with a wide display, guarantees an immersive viewing experience.


  • Great performance
  • Impressive facial recognition
  • Bright display
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Limited RAM and processor

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Android Tablet

Best Tablet for Watching Movies and Videos at Home: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Image Source: samsung.com

Android enthusiasts will like how the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ tablet, which is currently on sale, integrates with the rest of their digital setup. Samsung’s tablets are often overlooked despite offering competitive features at a fraction of the cost of those made by Apple or Microsoft.

Unlike other companies, the Galaxy Tab S8+ comes with the S-Pen stylus. When it comes to watching movies, Samsung’s 12.4-inch display is almost on par with its competitors in terms of screen size and resolution, if not quite as clear.

Higher-range color details become less visible. Although there are no glaring flaws, we were not able to impress our filmmaker friend. That’s more than acceptable for a reliable tablet at such a reasonable cost.


  • Affordable
  • Stylus included
  • Large display


  • Pricey

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3. All-new Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD

Best Tablet for Watching Movies and Videos at Home: All-new Fire HD 10

Image Source: mynexttablet.com

If you’re looking for a cheap tablet that can handle your movie needs, go no further than the Amazon Fire 10. This tablet worked great for some of us who have never used a tablet before. IPS technology and a front-facing LED light are also included with the Fire 10.

With this gadget, we can view videos and read books while we’re on the go. Amazon’s most cost-effective tablet is the Fire 10. It has 16GB of onboard memory and a powerful quad-core processor.

The Fire 10 has a 10.1-inch touchscreen display with a 1280 x 800-pixel resolution. The Fire OS operating system and the minimalist design make this gadget a must-have.

Fire OS, an Android-based operating system from Amazon, powers this gadget. As a result, it works with a huge number of apps. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video fall under this category. You would only be missing out on the Apple ecosystem. The Amazon Fire 10 is a fantastic portable movie-watching gadget that is reasonably priced.


  • Stable design
  • Fire OS 7 provides numerous upgrades
  • Audio-friendly.
  • Long-Lasting Battery for USB-C
  • Outstanding display


  • Incompatibility issues
  • Only suitable for Fire OS

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4. 2022 Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi, 128GB)

Best Tablet for Watching Movies and Videos at Home: Apple iPad 12.9 inch (2022)

Image Source: apple.com

The iPad Pro 2022 is one of Apple’s most stylish options. The current iPad Pro model differs from its predecessor in that it replaces the M1 chip with the M2, which is even quicker. We loved the newest iPad and Apple’s sleek and user-friendly operating system, iOS. In addition, the 12.9-inch screen is worth the extra cost over the standard 11-inch device.

The panel uses mini-LED backlighting to achieve its industry-leading dynamic range and contrast ratio. Playing HDR video content boosts movies, as you can take advantage of 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness or 1,600 nits of peak brightness.

I soaked up the dark, brooding tones of a very visual movie, which was bolstered by CGI but also boasted a wealth of expert live-action work. At maximum brightness, I saw no visual flaws. I was blown away by the film’s tremendous contrast, which preserved a complex color spectrum despite the film’s many dark scenes.

However, the iPad is still a tablet and not a replacement for a laptop. As an added expense, it’s a lot to pay for something that’s primarily meant for fun. However, if you are able to spend a little extra money, going to the movies is well worth your time.


  • Fast M2 processor
  • Impressive Liquid Retina XDR display


  • Pricey

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5. Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (2022)

Best Tablet for Watching Movies and Videos at Home: Microsoft Surface Pro

Image Source: blogs.windows.com

As a laptop and tablet in one, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 might be considered a universal device. Unfortunately, the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen 2 will set you back an additional $280 if you want to make full use of this convertible laptop.

The tablet itself is great, but what really sold me was the detachable keyboard that doubles as a case and comes in fun colors to match the actual tablet part. Microsoft’s enormous adaptability, from the office to the family room to the coffee shop, is difficult to ignore.

The most recent edition of the Surface Pro is available in two varieties: a 5G device powered by Qualcomm’s Arm-based SQ3 chip and a Wi-Fi model powered by the more well-known Intel Core.

This tablet is perfect if you enjoy watching movies everywhere you go and occasionally switch tabs to check your email and work documents. It has the complete, incredibly quick, and user-friendly Windows 11 installed.


  • Two in one laptop and tablet design
  • Seamless to use
  • Comes with full Windows 11 OS
  • Built-in kickstand


  • Not very portable

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What Do You Consider When Purchasing the Best Tablet for Watching Movies?

1. OS: Operating System

The Best Tablet for Watching Movies OS

There are only a few operating systems that can claim market dominance. There’s Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows. These well-known brands each have their own set of defining characteristics.

For instance, Android’s widespread appeal comes from the platform’s open-source development, simple installation, wide interoperability, and low cost.

Android has the potential to appeal to a broad range of users, from IT experts to those unfamiliar with modern gadgets. The fact that it is both compatible and inexpensive is its primary advantage.

iOS is the next most-used alternative. This is often used and preferred for high-level security functions. Malware attacks on these gadgets are extremely unlikely. The high cost is an issue. Buying an Apple product may need an increased budget.

Moreover, Android devices can expand external storage, which is not always the case with iOS. Another drawback is the lack of personalization options.

2. Ratio and Size

You probably want to find out more about the top tablets for watching movies. There are a few elements that always seem to come to the forefront while contemplating a film. High resolution and a big screen, that’s what you get with these.

Watching movies on a small screen is a surefire way to ruin your experience. A larger screen and higher resolution are recommended for the best viewing experience. As a matter of thumb, go with the device that has the largest display. However, you need to make sure the tablet is portable. To do this, you should think about making it as compact and light as possible.

The viewing experience may improve if you choose a device with a screen larger than 11 inches. However, you may find it challenging to carry your tablet. Decide on a size that falls somewhere in the middle. Both the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios are available to you. Most people agree that this is the ideal aspect ratio for watching movies.

3. Resolution

The Best Tablet for Watching Movies: Resolution

These days, everyone wants high definition (HD). High Definition (HD) is typically associated with superior picture quality. However, there are a variety of different options with superior visuals. For much that 720p is synonymous with “HD,” 1080p is what gets people excited about Full HD.

If you opt for ultra HD, you can count on a magnificent 4K display. The problem is that not all of the best tablets have this function. Devices manufactured by Apple with a high pixel density will include a Retina display. For motion pictures, a resolution of 1080p or above is recommended.

4. Battery

If you plan to watch videos nonstop, your device’s battery life should be solid. Let your mind wander to the horrors that might ensue if you were watching a movie when you suddenly received a low battery signal.

As an added bonus, movies are a huge energy drain. Make sure your tablet has a battery life of at least ten hours. It’s important to make sure charging doesn’t take forever, too.

5. Storage

The Best Tablet for Watching Movies: Storage

One of the major variables in deciding whether or not you download movies is the amount of space available on your device. Consider the one that allows for additional space to be added. The amount of space at your disposal is unlimited.

With Android, you can do this. Improved storage is a standard feature in modern OSes. Expandable storage, however, means that you may save money rather than spend it.

6. Slim and Compact Design

It’s helpful to have a lightweight tablet that doesn’t weigh you down; thus, the slim design and portability are also important. The development efforts of manufacturers are currently concentrated on these to offer a simple experience.

7. Price

Now is a great time to upgrade to one of the top tablets because you can do so without breaking the bank. Finding one within your price range just requires little digging around online. There are budget options with better specs (higher resolution, greater storage, and a bigger screen).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Tablets for Watching Movies

1. Which Tablet Is Best For Watching Netflix?

The resolution, battery life, audio quality, and Netflix accessibility are the most important factors. For watching movies, Netflix, YouTube, or any other kind of video content, we’d suggest the Amazon Fire 10.

Get a tablet that can be used as a general-purpose device for streaming websites rather than one that is focused on only a few apps. If you don’t want Amazon, think about using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 or maybe a Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

2. Which Resolution Works Best for Watching Movies on a Tablet?

The experience of watching movies and TV shows on a tablet is identical to that of watching them on television. Therefore, full HD (1080p) is the best option if you want the most immersive experience and resolution rendition.

But keep in mind that selecting a screen with a lower resolution can help you save money. In addition, to make up for their weight, low-resolution screens also use less power; hence a smaller battery is needed.