When running any blockchain project, crypto PR is a crucial tool to use. Whether you’re launching an IDO, an IEO, or an ICO, you’ll need crypto public relations strategies. In fact, for each type of project, you’ll need a unique crypto PR technique for project marketing.

Therefore, if you’re about to launch your blockchain project, understanding the PR techniques available is essential. This knowledge will help you in picking the right techniques that fit your project or products.

However, if you lack the knowledge or expertise in this sector, that shouldn’t worry you, because there’s a lot of information available online. In addition, there are PR companies to lend you their services at a considerable fee. For example, the PR specialists at Pressfarm can help you choose the right strategies for your project.

Having worked in this field for several years, the team at Pressfarm has the knowledge and insight required for dealing with cryptocurrency public relations. Using their tactics and PR tools, they’ll create a comprehensive PR strategy for your company.

With a professional press release, some engaging guest posts, and an eye-catching media kit from Pressfarm, you can capture media attention and inspire your target audience.

By submitting your content to the right media outlets and startup directories, Pressfarm can boost your online presence and ensure that you rank in relevant search results across different search engines. In addition to content creation, Pressfarm’s account executive creates a personalized media list for each client. With these custom media lists, you can connect with the best thought leaders and storytellers in your industry.

This article will highlight things to consider when launching your PR campaign. In addition, we will also assess the winning PR tactics that successful crypto marketers leverage.

Things to consider when launching your PR campaign

When launching your PR campaign, there are important factors you need to take into account. They include:

1. The competition

There is fierce competition in the crypto space and only those companies with effective marketing strategies come out successful. Some of the projects in this industry fail not because of their products but because they’ve chosen the wrong marketing techniques. Similarly, there are some that end up reaching out to the wrong communities. As a result, they find it challenging to deliver effective project/coin/token promotion.

It’s true that mastering every crypto PR technique is a tricky affair. It requires time, which you may not have. Therefore, if you’re looking for ICO, IEO, or IDO marketing content, it’s best to work with an expert. It will save you from the frustration of trying to figure out what will work for your project.

PR agencies have everything required to deliver a robust marketing strategy, including tools, knowledge, and experience. They also have a team of professionals to ensure the entire process is implemented seamlessly. They will help you create all the content you need for your crypto PR campaign. The best agencies will go one step further and help you distribute this content.

2. How to use crypto PR techniques

If you look at crypto PR strategies, you’ll notice some resemblance with digital public relations. However, there are significant differences that make it impossible to leverage digital PR for crypto marketing. For starters, they use different platforms and crypto PR focuses more on tactics that help build communities and trust.

In crypto marketing, the marketing agency can leverage disruptive PR to outdo your competition. Disruptive PR tactics are not used commonly in digital PR. Furthermore, you’ll discover that informal techniques are more common with crypto PR, especially when it’s time to reach out to clients. Crypto developers aim to be upfront with target clients and build engaging and authentic relationships.

3. Type of content

A complete campaign for crypto projects requires a variety of content. That’s because each cryptocurrency project is divided into different phases and each stage deals with something unique. Most importantly, you must be able to provide quality content that will guide prospective buyers along the buyer’s journey.

Having said that, PR marketing content enables you to expand the awareness of your product in the marketplace. With over 4,000 crypto projects in the industry and more being developed daily, gaining the audience’s attention isn’t easy.

Luckily, you can still stand out among prospective audiences if you invest time and energy into developing content that is educational and engaging.

4. Ad banning

Ad banning has recently become common on platforms with crypto audiences. This isn’t surprising when you consider the bad rap that crypto has gotten lately because of fraud, scams, and theft.  However, if you’re working with a marketing or PR agency that has experience in the crypto industry, they will know all the best platforms to target for media coverage.

PR and marketing agencies have already built valuable networks that they can use to promote clients’ projects. For instance, Pressfarm has connections to several crypto media publications, news outlets, and, influencers, among others. Additionally, they have links with crypto communities where prospective investors for your project might be.

During your campaigns, it’s important to remain active in social platforms with crypto communities. Reddit and Telegram are popular sites where you will find thousands of communities filled with crypto enthusiasts.

Top crypto PR techniques

Getting to establish and promote your crypto project to the public can tend to be tough at times. When done the right way, a crypto PR campaign can greatly help grow your crypto project. It will not only direct traffic to your project’s website but also help boost your project’s brand.

Whether you’re working on an ICO, IEO, or IDO, understanding how to use various crypto PR tactics is useful in ensuring a successful implementation of your crypto’s pr project strategy. Here are some of the techniques to include in your crypto PR campaign for your project.

1. Community building

Building an online community forum is one of the best crypto PR techniques. The community helps build up your project. An active community also makes it easy to attain credibility for your project. This makes the vision of your project more attainable. Even when you’ve started small, community building can help you achieve the kind of growth you’re aiming for.

You can start building your community with a few enthusiast members who will end up attracting others eventually. You need good patience and good management skills to manage and grow this kind of community. If you need help managing your community, hiring an experienced firm is the way to go. Such firms usually have the right expertise to help you engage well with the crypto community and earn trust for your project.

A project should allow community members to express themselves openly as often as possible. Whether you’re asking them for feedback or sharing news about your project, it’s important to foster two-way communication if you want to attract and retain loyal community members. Hosting an ask me anything (AMA) session is also a good way to create positive interactions with your community members while also clarifying specific details for them.

2. Referral codes

A customer referral program is an important marketing strategy for attracting new customers and brand advocates to your cryptocurrency project. After joining the project, each customer receives a referral code. Every successful customer referral earns the person who referred the customer a gift from you. Referral gifts can take the form of tokens.

This strategy is critical for increasing public awareness of your cryptocurrency project. It’s also helpful in getting more people to trade on the platform.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for making your cryptocurrency project noticeable in the digital market. Use this method on content on your product site. SEO is used to direct potential quality customers to your cryptocurrency project when they search for it on a search engine. Before deciding on the key terms to use, conduct research on the keywords that are commonly used by your competitors in the crypto space.

4. Developing niche platforms

It is critical to monitor the progress of your crypto project so that you can determine whether or not target goals or objectives are being met. SEO metrics and platform visitors can be Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your cryptocurrency project.

In most instances, KPIs focus on revenue growth, profit margin, and client retention rate among others. For instance, you can use platform visitors to determine the number of internet users who have visited your cryptocurrency website during the implementation period of a specific strategy.

5. Airdrops

ICO experts recommend the use of airdrops as one of your PR strategies for your crypto projects. After all, people love getting free rewards and free tokens are an attractive reward for a crypto enthusiast. For this reason, an airdrop is one of the quickest and most thorough marketing techniques to implement.

Besides building on the marketing of your project by word of mouth, launching an airdrop also attracts the attention of prospects. Therefore, if you want to encourage prospects to try your new project, airdrops are a perfect way to do so. Of course, it can be an expensive affair, but the results you generate from it are worth the investment.

6. Project website

Creating a website is the first step in launching any business in this day and age, and this applies to crypto projects as well. A cryptocurrency website can help you showcase your products and their uniqueness, in addition to highlighting their significance. The website should also include educational content, such as articles and blog posts.

The articles and blog posts help to raise awareness about the industry by providing educational information. Do you know how to create a good crypto website? If you don’t, you can hire a good web developer to take care of that for you. Make sure the developer you hire has prior experience working with crypto projects. After all, they will need to know exactly what information about your project needs to be featured prominently on the website.

8. Brand identity

It is easy to attract your audience’s attention by creating content that excites them. Once you’ve identified the kind of content they like and the platforms they hang out on, you will have an easier time capturing and retaining their attention. This information will help you to develop effective tactics to deliver the content. Gaining customer trust is important. It will enable you to generate positive feedback. Attracting visitors through using the content you share is also important for positive and long-lasting branding.

Creating a convincing brand identity is not that easy. This is an area where you might need support from a good marketing or PR agency. By drawing from their experience, a good agency will be able to create a relatable and memorable brand image for your crypto project – one that earns trust among the public.

9. Media connections

How the public perceives your crypto project is entirely dependent on how you have branded it. Get to know media experts who can help in creating a positive brand image and memorable stories to shape your brand. You stand to benefit a lot if the media coverage is positive.

Positive media coverage ranks your project higher and differentiates you from your competitors. It also brands your crypto project as one that offers expertise. This will attract more customers to your brand.

10. Online marketing

The number of internet users across the globe keeps increasing exponentially. Internet marketing strategies are cited as the most effective and cost-friendly ways to promote a company and generate leads. When you venture online, there is free traffic just waiting to be directed to your crypto project. If deployed the right way, a crypto PR campaign can boost the sales of your blockchain project at a rapid pace.

If you hire a marketing firm to deliver a public relations strategy on your behalf, you stand to gain significantly. A marketing firm with expertise in ICO community management and the creation of ICO investor decks can help you boost your promotion efforts.

Over to you

If you’re venturing into the crypto space, then crypto PR is an essential element you can’t afford to leave out of your plans. The good news is that there are many ways in which you can engage crypto PR for promoting your project. While working on your own can save you significant cash, it doesn’t guarantee results. If anything, you’re just adding more burden to yourself or your team.

Experience plays a crucial role in whether these strategies succeed or not. That’s where working with a PR or marketing agency like Pressfarm comes in handy. By partnering with the right experts to deploy a crypto PR campaign, you can ensure that your project gains significant support, expertise and visibility.