Apple to venture into electric cars production

The WSJ reports that there is now a huge probability that Apple is working on a car following recent rumors and reports that Apple had hired more than 1,000 people to work on the design of an electric car. Led by Ford Motor vet and Apple’s VP Steve Zadesky the group was commissioned by Apple CEO Tim Cook to research on battery tech, robotics and metal production. Apparently, the research has been on going for a while now after Tim Cook approved the project almost over a year ago.

It is very typical of Apple to hide their secret projects and despite the fact that some of these ‘secret’ projects are yet to come to life yet like the Apple TV, it is without a doubt that Apple stands a chance in the car market as a developer of special car features and software given it’s well managed supply chain and financial muscle.

Business Insider had reported that an employee from Apple said he knows ‘some kind of car-focused project’ is on the table and the report by WSJ seems to only make the rumors stronger. Apple hired the former Mercedes-Benz head of Research and Development, Johann Jungwirth, to help with the R&D process. This news also comes at a time when Apple is trying to poach several Tesla employees. Tesla has recently poached a lot of Apple’s employees to join Elon Musk’s car company.

With a lot of competition on the car market, it is not clear why or where Apple will focus most of it’s energy. Some of the fields could be research and development into making self-driving electric cars that use special technology in battery conservation with state-of-the-art metal production.

If reports are true, then it would be a dramatic shift from the iPhone maker and that would probably shake the market a little bit. However, as I have said before, Apple has involved itself in secret projects that never really went to mass production. Nonetheless, if Apple were to make a car, that would go a long way in proving how ready the company is in trying to develop new products especially following their recent venture into the smartwatch market with the production of the Apple watch.

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