As we become increasingly reliant on technology, concerns about the potential harmful effects of cell phone radiation are growing. Concerns about the effects of cellphone radiation have increased in recent years, with radiation being linked to different cancers, infertility, and more.

Confronted by alarming data highlighting a decline in men’s reproductive health, medical student Michael Golpanian set out to look for a way to protect men against radiation.

What data had Golpanian found?

According to recent scientific studies, since the 1970s, male sperm count has dropped by over 50%.

What does this mean for couples who are trying to conceive?

Alpha Underwear: Protecting Men from Harmful Cellphone Radiation

1 in every 6 couples looking to conceive suffers from infertility. What’s more, 40-50% of these infertility cases can be attributed to male infertility.

“So what?” you might say. “I’m not looking to conceive. This doesn’t concern me.” Well, it should, and it does.

Poor sperm health is bad news for you regardless of whether you’re planning to have a family down the line or not. More specifically, poor sperm health can lead to diabetes, cancer, and even death. Need we say more?

In a different world, maybe we could toss our phones or perhaps downgrade to older phones with lower amounts of radiation. Unfortunately, the world we live in requires us to be plugged in all the time.

Whether it’s for work, socializing, or entertainment, it’s hard to go without your phone or laptop. To make an already complex situation even more dicey, even if you tossed your gadgets, it would be near impossible to avoid radiation from WiFi signals. Think about it – most restaurants, shopping malls, and offices now have one or more WiFi routers, and each router emits the same harmful signals.

What is one to do?

As we were saying earlier, Golpanian set out to look for a way to protect himself and his fellow men against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

“While I found radiation-proof underwear on the market, the options were quite bulky and uncomfortable, “says Golpanian. I felt protected but I didn’t feel my best.”

It is during this search that Golpanian came up with the idea for SILVERLINING’s Alpha line of underwear.

What is the Alpha?

Alpha Underwear: Protecting Men from Harmful Cellphone Radiation

Designed with a silver-infused crotch, the Alpha underwear blocks 99% of harmful radiation while offering ultimate comfort and style.

The team at SILVERLINING has engineered this silver lining designed specifically to protect your vital organs from harmful radiation.

Thanks to this new underwear, you can feel safe keeping your devices close to you. The silver-infused lining is also antimicrobial and odor-free, making it the perfect choice for active men on the go. In addition, the Alpha is designed with style, helping the wearer to feel like his best self.

“I assembled the experts at SILVERLINING because I believed there was a way to use technology to solve the problems that technology had created,” says Golpanian. “With the Alpha, men all over the world now have a comfortable and stylish way to protect themselves from the daily harms of cellphone radiation. We’ve also made this solution affordable so that this protection is accessible to all men.”

The Alpha is designed for the modern man who is plugged into the latest gadgets. Whether you’re at work, hitting the gym, or simply lounging at home, the Alpha has you covered. Designed with a breathable blend of cotton and modal, your Alpha pair will keep you safe, fresh, and comfortable all day long.

Underwear with a twist

In addition to offering protection from cell phone radiation, the Alpha line of underwear is designed using sustainable materials. SILVERLINING is committed to reducing its environmental impact, and the Alpha line of underwear is just one way in which the company is doing this.

The Alpha line of underwear is launching on Kickstarter on March 21. Be sure to check it out and grab yourself a pair (or two!) of the Alpha.

Never worry about the effects of cell phone radiation on your reproductive health again

 SILVERLINING’s Alpha underwear is a revolutionary product that offers protection from cell phone radiation as well as ultimate comfort and style. The silver-infused crotch blocks 99% of harmful radiation, ensuring that you can stay connected without compromising your health. With its affordable price point, environmentally friendly materials, and stylish design, the Alpha line of underwear is a must-have or any modern man. Don’t miss your chance to gift yourself a healthier, more stylish future.