When you’re a business that values inclusivity, this means that you have a diverse mix of individuals in your workplace. Your team consists of people who come from different political beliefs, races, sexual orientations, classes, cultures, and religious beliefs. Coming together, this diverse mix of employees feel like they’re equal with each other, well-respected, and valued as a part of your team.

If there’s anything that divides the different descriptions in a business, it’s only the position and responsibilities they hold—but not who they are and what they believe in. These are set aside and welcomed, with the belief that inclusivity allows these people to bring something new to the table.

There are so many ways that a business can win when they make it a part of their company culture to foster inclusivity. These non-debatable advantages are:

1. It Brings Higher Creativity and Innovation

While there may be a guideline on how to achieve good results for your company (such as your company’s practice on how to avoid buzzwords for SEO, for instance), this isn’t the only way to achieve good results. Other workers who come from different backgrounds or practices may know of other innovative and creative ways to achieve the same results. When they bring these to the organization, you’re improving your business creativity and innovative culture significantly.

This is advantageous for your business, as it also increases the chances of your business to succeed. Because new members of your team know that their ideas are welcomed, these diverse members of the workforce feel more comfortable sharing their ideas, which your business is open to listening to.

An innovative team has advantages to businesses, like:

  • It fuels company growth, as it brings a new perspective when balancing these against tried-and-tested methods that may not be so effective anymore, particularly in the ever-changing arena of marketing.
  • It brings continuous improvement. Which is necessary for businesses to keep up with the challenges of competition.
  • It makes for better identification of new areas for innovation.

2. It Brings in a Bigger Talent Pool

If you keep yourselves to a limited geographical team, you’re also limiting your business’ ability to get hold of a wider talent pool, like what would’ve otherwise been accessible digital experiences, among others. Remember that talented employees aren’t just within your state or nation. There are so many of these around the world. And, your differences in beliefs don’t affect their talents and skills negatively.

Promoting inclusivity in your business gives you access to reach this talent pool. When you widen your scope of hiring, doing so increases your chances of finding the best talents or hires for your team. Most importantly, you’ll have a wider perspective brought into your pool of workers when it comes to the brainstorming of ideas for developing new processes and problem-solving.

how businesses win with inclusivity

3. It Results in Higher Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is beneficial not only for the employees but also for the business as a whole. When your diverse team, particularly those of color and who are differently-abled feed valued for their contribution and work. They tend to have that sense of satisfaction in their job. These employees feel happy to be a part of your business. Where they have that sense of belongingness, acceptance, and respect, like a family.

Because your employees are satisfied working with, and for you. This positive feeling brings back the following advantages for your business:

  • It increases employee retention, which means that your workers work and stay with you for a long time;
  • It lowers voluntary turnover. Simply because your employees don’t find a compelling reason as of the moment to leave your organization;
  • It boosts employee productivity, as when your workers are happy and satisfied working for you. They’ll also tend to do more than what’s required from them.

4. It Increases Employee Trust And Engagement

Another determinant of a good working relationship with your whole team. When your employees are highly engaged with your company. When you have highly engaged employees as a part of your team. This creates a ripple effect on improving team morale and profitability.

This all boils down to the very core of employee engagement which means your business’ workforce always takes an active approach in achieving results for your business. Note that passive employees may be uncooperative ones. This only boils down to how these employees also feel about being a part of your team.

Most importantly, when you foster inclusivity, your employees feel like they have a voice to open up and present their opinions on things.


In closing, do you now understand what inclusivity can positively do for your business? While it may be difficult to implement, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive for it. It’s doable, and it’s one of the best company cultural changes you can introduce for this business year.

As you can see, fostering inclusiveness in your business is creating that real sense of belongingness in your team. When your team feels that united connection amongst themselves. Your business is able to make that impact and set an example to others to follow suit, as well.