While everyone else is rolling out SEO Tips & Techniques for 2019, I will give you a compilation of uncommon SEO techniques that will likely increase your chances to rank higher, faster and with even more energy.

1. Prepare for mobile-first indexing.

If you search for contact details of a company on a mobile device, you will most likely see a click-to-call option in the search results. The same search on the desktop will only pull contact info pages.

Other processes that can make mobile and desktop SERPs differ include;

  • Ranking process, e.g., the effect of the mobile page speed ranking factor
  • Penalties e.g., a hit by the penalty for intrusive interstitials on mobile;
  • Indexing process, e.g., use of flash impeding crawlers to see all the content.

Optimization tips

  • If your site hasn’t migrated to mobile-first indexing yet and you were thinking of going responsive, that is now is the perfect moment to do that.
  • You need to check the structure of your site the way a mobile bot sees it. Make sure there are no obstacles.

2. Optimize for mobile page speed.

The optimization level has proved to be a decisive factor for a page’s position in SERPs.

Note: We can’t ignore Google’s growing interest in field data or real users’ loading speed.

Optimization tips

  • Check your site in Page Speed Insights and analyze Google’s recommendations in the Opportunities section. The list of these opportunities can be huge.
  • Be proactive, run regular technical audits and fix any issues spotted.

3. Go for creative link building

Link building is a fundamental pillar of any SEO strategy. However, if you are after getting links faster, it never means white-hat.

Optimization Tips

  • Coin new terms

Do you remember “position zero”? When it was being coined and people picked it up, they always mentioned the original source. This term now returns about a billion of search results.

  • Claim links for your visual content.

You could search Google for any such image of yours, see which sites use it without a credit to the source and ask them nicely to link back to your site.

  • Win links from your speaking events.

First, you could get a link from the event itself. Second, visitors may blog about the event and speakers, which means more links.

4. Build your brand’s reputation

Through unlinked mentions of your brand, Google learns about your entity. By analyzing the reputation around them, the search engine concludes on what kind of authority you have in a particular field which matters in reputation, ads, problem-solving, etc.

Optimization Tips

  • Mention your brand online whenever you find an opportunity.
  • Find people who are willing to talk about your brand.
  • Look at your competitors and analyze how they grow their awareness, deal with complaints and crises, and engage with their customers.

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