Being in the digital age, people flock to the Internet and search engines to find everything they need, with more than 3.5 billion Google searches per day. However, with millions of results out there, websites need to rank high enough in searches for potential visitors to come across their content and ensure that they are making full use of their content from improved search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. 

In this article, we will look at: 

1) What is SEO and PR 

2) Factors that affect SEO rankings 

3) Tips to Boost Startup Growth Efforts with SEO 

What are SEO and PR 

Public Relations and SEO grow hand-in-hand when trying to create an effective PR strategy. Ultimately, they are connected because some of the most important SEO factors are actually the natural outputs and results that should be accomplished with effective PR. By combining them, companies can create a combined SEO PR strategy to increase effectiveness and be cost-effective.

Backlinks are essential when trying to establish an excellent online presence, but it is critical to focus on high authority sites within a company’s niche. Through PR, companies can achieve backlinks due to their ability to get media coverage in online publications. By creating high-quality content, companies can also produce organic traffic because they rank high in search results. 

Factors that affect SEO rankings 

As mentioned previously, by combining both PR and SEO efforts to focus on high authority sites and easier visibility, companies can receive backlinks and organic traffic towards their website. However, other factors can affect a website’s SEO ranking. 

1) Business reviews and star ranking 

This factor needs to be considered from a quantity over quality standpoint. Yes, it is vital to get as many reviews as possible, but you want them to be good ones. 5-star reviews are much more valuable than having 1-star ones. However, if a large number of reviews are positive, even the negative reviews from competitors or unsatisfied customers will not disrupt the majority’s favorable opinion. 

2) Social media mentions and shares 

Pretty much everyone and their pet are on social media, and this factor incorporates the idea of social media marketing with word of mouth marketing on a global scale. By extending a company’s online presence on social media, they can not boost their presence to existing customers, but those customers will most likely share the website with other people. This can spread the word to people that may even be out of the target market. 

3) Keywords in business listing 

It should be included in their ‘Google My Business’ listing for any product or service a company provides. Through using the appropriate keywords, websites can get ranked higher because of its online presence and awareness. 

Tips to boost growth efforts with SEO 

Whether you are a company that already has an excellent online presence or one that needs some help trying to boost visibility, there is no harm in making small modifications to your content to improve organic website traffic through SEO. Here are some obvious and uncommon SEO techniques that companies can consider when trying to boost growth efforts. 

1) Understand Google Analytics 

The first thing before trying to improve SEO is to try and understand Google Analytics. It is an essential tool for companies to understand their website, understand their ranking, and understand their audience. By being able to see what browsers they are using, the devices used to visit the site, the referral traffic, and understand the competition, companies can stay ahead of the industry. 

2) Prepare for mobile-first indexing and optimization 

It is most likely that the results of the most popular device used to visit a website is some mobile device. If companies have been trying to migrate into mobile-first indexing and optimizing the mobile page speed, now would be the time to do so. The optimization level and the structure of a website are crucial when trying to draw people in. According to, a website’s optimization levels are essential for a page’s position in search engines. 

Developing a website with a mobile-first approach can remove a website’s unimportant aspects on the mobile interface. This approach means that companies need to create concise content that links mobile screens and desktops, place the more engaging and helpful material at the top of the page, and target readers with mobile-optimized keywords. 

3) Identify Low-Performing Pages and Create New Content 

One common thing that all content creators have is their intention to create engaging topics to draw people in. However, with ever-changing trends what may have seemed relevant a couple of months ago may not be anymore. However, much likely every other trend, it is possible that the same topic might pop up further in the future. So, whatever low-performing content that may have existed can be easily identified and refreshed with new content that people are interested in. 

By doing an SEO audit, it can help companies identify low-performing content through data points like minimal backlinks, low number of social shares, oldest pages, light content, and low organic search traffic. Companies can figure out new keywords to target and what kind of content resonates better with their target audience to increase engagement from the audit. 

Keywords are also significant for SEO because they enable companies to understand the content type and identify with their target audience. The most effective keywords come up naturally in content and written in a way that flows naturally. 

4) Build your brand’s reputation

Creating awareness for the brand ensures customers that a company exists and can purchase products and services whenever they need them. Through backlinks and other components, Google can learn about a company’s entity. By analyzing the reputation around a company, search engines can understand the company’s authority in a particular field and industry. 

The components are textual content that can be inserted wherever they are needed and strengthen a business’ SEO ranking. However, when not done correctly or effectively, it might result negatively. For that reason, companies that do not think they have the experience should hire an agency like Pressfarm and leave it to the professional for the more technical parts of achieving SEO growth. 

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