Employee engagement involves getting your personnel invested in their work by motivating them to work harder. The emotional and mental connection they feel and their enthusiasm and commitment to their work contribute to business growth.

A company website can facilitate employee involvement for in-house employees and even those working remotely. With the website, you can include various tools to drive your team’s engagement and productivity.

That being said, we’ve listed the best ways to use your website to promote employee participation.

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9 Ways To Engage Employees Using a Company Website

1. Embed Google Maps on the Website

9 Ways To Utilize Your Company Website for Employee Engagement

Embedding Google Maps on your website is one way of attracting prospective talent to your business.

Employee engagement begins right at the recruitment process. Having the right talents on board will foster good employee participation, which can drive productivity and overall profitability for the business.

Location is one of the major factors contributing to employee involvement. Adding Google Maps can help you enhance your job listings and recruit even hard-to-reach talents that will help you grow your business.

It will make it easier to review all the talent pools within the company’s proximity. If they are pleased with your strong reviews, they’ll definitely want to work with you.

2. Ask for Feedback from the Staff via a Website Survey

Organizing an online survey for your staff is another way of getting their opinion on different aspects of your business operations.

Doing this through your website ensures their privacy while reaching many respondents simultaneously, even those working remotely. For better outcomes, conduct regular website surveys – a three-month interval is recommended.

A report by Salesforce reiterates that creating an inclusive workforce enhances employee performance by 4.6 times more. This means that inviting your team to the table to hear them out can be a win-win for all parties involved.

An online survey can help you point out particular areas in your company that need improvement. It also lets the staff know that the organization values their opinion. By implementing some of their suggestions, you’ll be promoting productivity and involvement.

3. Introduce Competitions 

Staff competitions often create productive environments for employees while boosting their self-advancement and commitment to growth. They motivate your team to work together as they push each other towards success and productivity.

Recognizing personnel can encourage the rest to work harder. You’ll easily spot personnel with initiative and leadership skills, ready to take up extra responsibilities. It will also be a great opportunity to single out those ready for promotion.

Having a website makes the competition more interesting as it will involve the staff working remotely. At the end of the contest, display the winning members’ photos on the website.

4. Add a Careers Page on the Website

A recent study found that over 80% of millennials use the web to research organizations when looking for a job opportunity. This means job seekers will read reviews before applying for a position in your company. Make sure you create a career page on your website to help attract new talent.

Also, add details of the perks and benefits to attract candidates and set you apart from the competition. Besides, include forms to onboard the new members right from your website, which is a great form of engagement.

You can integrate AI technology, such as chatbots, to this page and help collect useful information from potential employees who may visit it. You can then analyze the data and see the best way to act on it.

5. Encourage Content Creation

9 Ways To Utilize Your Company Website for Employee Engagement

Content creation is a great engagement tactic and one of the essential techniques to improve your company’s digital marketing. Besides sharing company content, employees can also create the content and input their critiques and feedback.

Humans are great at generating ideas and expressing themselves, but sometimes they can’t keep up with the fast-paced work environment that we live in today. You can consider AI writing and proofreading tools to help your employees deliver high-quality and error-free content in less time.

Incorporating your staff in your content marketing strategy can promote involvement and the overall bottom line. The team will feel proud and get a sense of ownership; the initiative may prompt sharing of content on various networks to simplify the marketing process.

If you want your staff to be involved in the content marketing strategy it is really important to let them understand the differences between the platforms when considering the types of content available, as well as the nuances in content moderation rules.

Many of them crave recognition, and if granted the chance to become thought leaders on the company blog, they can promote involvement while elevating online exposure.

When all is done, acknowledge and recognize them on your website. Site visitors will see how much you involve your personnel in the business and want to be associated with your brand. You can reward those whose posts have the most views and display their photos on the site.

6. Include a Calendar on the Website for Important Updates

9 Ways To Utilize Your Company Website for Employee Engagement

Having a calendar on your website will help keep your staff informed about upcoming events, holidays, activities, and meetings.

An online calendar is easy to update and access by everyone. This way, your team will be committed to meeting their deadlines and keeping dates with constant reminders.

7. Add Employee Profiles on the Website

Including employee profiles on the company website adds a human touch to the digital consumer experience. They’ll leverage social networking to increase your brand presence and reputation.

8. Add Collaboration Tools to the Website

Collaboration tools can boost communication, teamwork, and overall involvement. A website with collaboration tools simplifies work as team members can share ideas and tasks to meet deadlines.

Any updates will be communicated instantly through forums or file sharing, allowing for more engagement among teams and colleagues. You can also create a resource on the website where your staff can find the info they’re looking for.

9. Improve the Site’s User Experience

A user-friendly website helps employees to navigate through pages faster. You don’t want them frustrated while trying to find information. Their motivation and commitment may start to wane away.

The best way to foster participation amongst them is to improve your website’s design and performance by editing it.

Start by improving the aesthetics. Organize the content and functions, including the appropriate fonts and brand colors. Ensure the loading speeds are fast too.

Providing a seamless user experience will make their work easier and enhance employee satisfaction. The same will happen to web visitors and potential customers’ experiences.

Final Word

As you work towards your company’s growth, you need employees committed to helping you meet your business goals. But to achieve all these, you’ll need to get them engaged. A website with the right engagement tools can help you boost business success.