The school system releases young adults into the real world without financial literacy, in essence sending them out with no skills to manage their money. The lack of a foundation in financial literacy becomes a major setback as they start building their careers and lives.

Without setting this foundation up early, young adults miss out on the time that is such a crucial ingredient in building financial stability. In fact, most people only start thinking strategically about saving or investing in their mid-20s or 30s. This is almost two decades too late, says the author of “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money and Learn What 67% of Adults Don’t Know.”

As a successful investor, 15-year-old Finley Lewis believes that people should start saving when they are 10 or even 5 years old. This gives them enough of a head start to build compound interest and set themselves up for life. Finley wrote “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” to pass on valuable lessons about managing money and building wealth to teenagers just like himself.

About “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money”

“9 Rules to Dominate Your Money and Learn What 67% of Adults Don’t Know” is a self-published book by someone who has been there and done that. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Finley invested $300 and grew it to over $5,000 over the next 3 years. Since he was younger, his parents made sure he understood the importance of managing money wisely.

Finley combined these valuable lessons with his priceless experience as an investor to write a guide for teenagers. The book reached best-seller status, with 4.9 stars and 326 reviews on Amazon within less than four weeks of publishing. In addition to the original English version of the book, there are French, Spanish, and German translations, as well as an Italian version.

Finley is also working on a second book about investing, with plans to release it on December 7 this year.

What makes “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” so different?

Written for teenagers by a teenager, this book offers a unique perspective that is lacking in similar financial guides. The reviews on Amazon prove that the book is a treasure trove for teenagers and young adults who want to grow their wealth.

Thanks to the tips and secrets that Finley shares in this book, readers can master their finances early enough to set themselves up for life.

Benefits of getting your hands on “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money”

In addition to helping teens navigate the complex nature of managing personal finances, “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” is transforming the lives of young people in several ways:

  • Financial independence

Everyone dreams of achieving financial independence at some point in their life. By learning how to manage your money at an early age, anyone can achieve financial independence earlier.

  • Preparation for adulthood

As teenagers transition to adulthood, understanding money management becomes critical to their life. With the knowledge in Finley’s book, they can gain financial freedom without making expensive mistakes.

  • Understanding investment

Introducing the notion of investment to teenagers opens up their minds to a world of investment opportunities. Thanks to this knowledge, they can learn about various types of investments and how they can leverage these opportunities to achieve financial growth.

  • Financial confidence

Financial education instills confidence in teenagers by empowering them to make the right financial choices early in life. Having mastered the knowledge of financial management, they can easily navigate financial challenges that often paralyze adults.

  • Early understanding of financial management

This book introduces teens to the concept of financial management at an early age. As such, they can build a solid foundation in money management. With this knowledge, they can make wise decisions on budgeting, investing, saving, and spending.

  • Financial security

Mastering the skill of money management at an early age can have a significant impact on anyone’s financial security. By learning these crucial skills early, readers can get a head start on building wealth for their future.

  • Budgeting skills

Budgeting is a critical aspect of financial management, and this book teaches young people how to create, manage, and stick to their budgets. With this knowledge, they can manage their finances efficiently. They will learn how to categorize their expenditure and track their expenses. Most importantly, they will learn how to prioritize certain budget items and stick to their budget.

  • Debt avoidance

Debt can drag anyone down, making their financial goals that much harder to reach. As such, avoiding the major pitfall of debt is crucial. With the knowledge in Finley’s book, teenagers can learn how to avoid overborrowing and how to manage their debt.

Start working towards your financial goals today

 “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” is a critical tool for teenagers who care about their financial future. With this book, they can explore vital concepts, practical tips, and techniques that will help them build a robust financial foundation for the future.

Young adults face various challenges when it comes to financial decisions in the course of their life. If you haven’t taken the initiative to arm yourself with the right financial management skills, you will most likely face difficulties with personal budgeting, especially during college.

With the help of this book, you can navigate these challenges easily. Most importantly, you will achieve financial stability much earlier than your peers.