A New Year has come, and with every New Year, there is a new beginning and a fresh start for everyone. We all desperately hope that every year is great for us. Besides praying and hoping for a terrific year to follow, we need to take some action to make the year run smoothly, so why not start with downloading a couple of apps on your Android phone that are both productive and fun. Let’s not waste more time and get started.

1. MP3Studio

Who doesn’t love music? Music helps to improve our mood and keep us entertained while traveling. Unfortunately, sometimes when we are traveling, we may not have access to the internet. This is where you would need the best music downloader to assist you. The MP3Studio is an app you can install for android. This app allows you to download almost any video from YouTube. It’s also easier to use because you don’t need to copy the URL of the desired video. Moreover, this app allows you to download more than one video simultaneously.

2. Whatsapp

Now owned by Facebook, there are so many great features of this app. First and foremost, it’s absolutely free of cost for every single person. This means that you can message someone as many times you like, call someone (via audio or video) as many times you want without putting down a dime. This app is a big blessing for those who wish to keep in touch with family members and friends that are live far away. Whatsapp allows you to send documents, pictures, gifs and even short videos to anyone at any time. The only item you would require to get this app working is the internet.

3. Duolingo

This is a productive app that everyone, adults and children alike, need to install on their Android phones now. Duolingo is a language learning app. This app is terrific for several reasons. First, it’s cost-free. Second, it offers to teach you an array of languages from Arabic, Mandarin, Latin, Greek, Icelandic Hebrew and all the romance languages and many more. Third, if you’re worried about which language to get started with because there is no limit to how many languages you can learn. Last, the way each language is taught is fun and interactive.

4. PicsArt

This is probably the best app out there for editing photos, which is why we all need to make sure we have this app installed in our androids in 2020. If you are crazy about taking selfies and which to make improvements through editing pictures, then this app is for you. Apart from editing, you can even draw on your photos as well. Another cool feature this app possesses is that you can use it to instantly upload pictures on other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Last, this app is free for all. However, you may be required to jump to ‘premium’ (paid service) to get additional cool features.

5. Zomato

Who doesn’t love food? Hunger is a basic instinct and what a better way to satiate our hunger than with food that is absolutely delicious. Zomato is an excellent app for any android phone. It helps you to discover the restaurants near you. This makes life not only hassle-free, but helps to save up on precious time as well. This app also does you the favor of allowing you to check out pictures of restaurants near you and provides authentic reviews as well. You can even book a table using this cool app or make a request to have food delivered at your doorstep. Cool, huh?

6. Google Translate

Google translate won’t necessarily be installed in your phone by default, so it would be a good idea to install it in your android before you miss out on an important message that you don’t know of. This will also be a cool app to have if you love to travel to foreign countries. This app allows you to translate 103 languages when online and 59 languages when offline. You can even use the ‘scribble’ functionality to translate. Using this method will allow you to translate in 93 languages. Moreover, you can use the ‘camera’ feature to take a picture of a text you wish to translate.

7. Google News

Here is another app that may not be installed in your android by default – Google News. This app is perfect and popular because it provides you with the most up-to-date news. We all need to read the news to keep posted on what is going on in the world around us. This is important because it helps keep you posted. A great feature of this app is that it provides the user with news from different sources. Moreover, you also get access to a wide range of various topics and choose your favorite topics and follow your favorite sources.

8. Evernote

This app is perfect for anyone going to school or college. Evernote helps you to create notes when in a class lecture or when you’re studying from home. With Evernote, you never have to worry about losing your content; everything is stored on a cloud device. You can even share these notes with your classmates, teachers, and even coworkers. Evernote also supports other platforms like iOS, Windows, and more. You can even use this app to create a to-do list; the presence of checkboxes helps you do so. Furthermore, you can also use this app to scan documents.

9. Daily Yoga

This is probably the most distinct app we have included on our list. The Daily Yoga is perfect for beginners and advanced learners as well. The benefits of yoga are just too many. From increasing flexibility to reducing weight yoga is something that everyone should try. It also helps to relax the body by eases tensed muscles. Daily Yoga offers professional yoga classes with the help of over 20 yoga experts to help you get started on the road to both physical and mental health. Download this app now and bring some peace and more physical activity in your life.