Employees are the backbone of any company. They help drive business growth and transform people into loyal customers. At the best of times, they help brands scale up and increase profit margins. During an economic downturn, employees’ loyalty keeps store doors open.

That is why company workers deserve to be recognized for their contributions. Each milestone achieved deserves the appreciation and respect of bosses and peers alike.

Creative award titles are a great way of showing gratitude to team members who give a 101% every single day. Later in this blog, we’ll discuss some simple yet meaningful ways companies can show that hardworking staff members are valued.

But before that, let’s talk about why recognition and awards matter.

It’s not always about the money

Money is necessary for most individuals to live comfortably in modern society. And a competitive salary is always a desirable part of any job. However, studies show that it isn’t the most important thing to many job seekers.

In 2014, The Boston Consulting Group polled over 200,000 workers around the world.  The survey results showed that receiving appreciation at work is the most influential factor in on-the-job happiness for employees.

In a study based on exit interviews by Gallup, money ranked fourth on the top 5 list of reasons for quitting a job.

These are just some examples that show that, while money meets employees’ basic needs, it is not what motivates them the most.

Employers who want to ensure staff members enjoy their jobs won’t be able to do so with cash incentives alone. They need to provide a conducive office environment, opportunities for growth, work-life balance, and recognition for performance and years of service rendered in the company.

Why give out employee awards?

Giving out accolades to employees has several benefits. For starters, it’s a reliable and time-tested way to boost morale. Providing office staff with positive affirmation may help reduce anxiety associated with the workplace. It can also contribute to preventing burnout.

Individual or group recognition also promotes a positive company culture. People who experience this will naturally want to talk about it with friends and family. They will also be happy to help bring other talents on board.

Employees that are valued are more satisfied. And satisfaction can translate into how they fulfill responsibilities and do tasks. Demonstrating a higher level of customer service, being invested in the company’s success, and being motivated to take the initiative are just three characteristics of a happy employee.

Finally, appreciating staff will build their loyalty to the organization. It will encourage them to achieve goals more efficiently. A company that highlights the awesome job an individual does also creates a competitive environment with a positive spin. People who are consistently rewarded will repeat the behaviors that enabled them to get such positive reinforcement.

7 Easy And Effective Ways to Recognize Top Employees

Some great award ideas

There are lots of fun and impressive ways to administer an employee appreciation program.  There are peer-to-peer recognition platforms, office-wide games, and celebration events.

However, individual awards like plaques or certificates have a more personalized feel to them.

Here’s a list of top recognition awards to start building a culture of appreciation in the office.

Performance awards

Performance awards are primarily based on how efficient employees’ are in their various roles. Employers usually take a look at a candidate’s overall performance. Then a panel determines whether they are a worthy recipient of such an award.

Performance awards raise the bar for workers to stand out, thus promoting healthy competition within the workplace.

1. Stand-out performer

This is a member of the team who is known for constantly giving their best at work. Stand-out performers are those who give their all at work every day. This award shows how dedicated an employee is to their work. Recipients of the Stand-Out Performer Award often make great team leaders and managers.

2. Going that extra mile

Every employer would love to have their workers perform above and beyond their capabilities for maximum productivity. However, pushing employees to do so requires a good amount of motivation.

Still, there are an exemplary few who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure the work gets done. The Going That Extra Mile Award was made with those employees in mind.

3. Most improved employee

Learning and improving take a lifetime.

This is a lesson that applies to workplaces and one’s personal life.

Your workplaces should follow the same principle. When employees fail at work, they learn from their mistakes and improve their skills.

The Most Improved Employee is someone who displays significant improvement at work. It’s a title that will hopefully fuel the zeal of other employees in the organization. It will inspire them to  rise above their current status and pave the way toward a healthy workplace culture and environment.

Tenure Awards

Tenure Awards applaud employees who have spent years in dedicated service to the company.

Customized service awards can be created based on the number of years they have served.

4. Forever with us

The Forever With Us Award is bestowed on employees who have demonstrated true loyalty toward their organization. This is typically awarded to individuals who have been part of the company for a decade or more.

5. The iron pillar

The Iron Pillar Award is accorded to a worker who has always stood by the company through all its highs and lows since they joined.

Service Awards

A hard-working staff member is hard to find these days. The following service awards are dedicated to people who excel at their jobs and are also devoted to their organization.

6. The diamond in the rough

Time and pressure can transform coal into a precious diamond. The same is true for staff in a business establishment. Employees are molded and shaped by the time and pressure they endure. They then become experienced and highly skilled contributors to the company’s success. These employees are no less than diamonds in the corporate world.

7. Most determined employee

The Most Determined Employee Award is for the team member who will do whatever it takes to complete the task. They don’t give up in the face of potential roadblocks and will keep hacking at it until the work is done.


Employee awards represent a huge step toward making workers feel recognized and valued. Businesses should never underestimate the emotional components involved in retaining both top-tier talent and diligent hard workers.

Yes, financial incentives like competitive pay, bonuses, and benefits matter. But at the end of the day, how employees are made to feel by the organizations that hire them is just as important as any monetary reward that could ever be given.