Product Hunt came into the limelight in 2014 and has been the best platform for a while to discover startups and the best new services, websites, hardware or apps cropping out from all over the world. Therefore, it is just one of those places that no startup today should be launching a product without making sure that they are on the site. If you are not convinced yet, how about we check out the following reasons on why I say so:

1. It is where the influencers are looking

It’s no doubt that Product Hunt is where the real influencers in the startup world are looking to find the next great products, apps, websites, hardware and any other tech creations to talk about. Some of these influencers are actually looking for startups to fund. Not being on Product Hunt is a total fail for a startup because when the influencers cannot find you it makes it harder to get funding than if they had just found you or heard about you on the platform. We all know that it is easier to convince an investor about your product when they already heard about you somewhere and probably liked your work beforehand.

2. Journalists flock to the site

Every day, journalists from Tech Crunch, Pando Daily and Mashable among others are looking for startups to write about. One of the most visited sites on the web today is Product Hunt. In fact, as of today, they are the 3,287th most visited website in the world and 1,409th most visited website in the United States according to Alexa ranking. It’s therefore a no-brainer that journalists flock there every day. The Product Hunt community makes it very easy for journalists to find the best startups to write about every day because they rate the startups and as you get more ratings the higher you go on the list making it easier for journalists to find the best rated. If you just started out, getting attention from journalists is very good for business.

3. Upfront feedback and suggestions to improve product

Being on Product Hunt means feedback and a lot of it. All geeks and tech enthusiasts are there to comment on your startup and what your product or service is. There will always be people who will offer you advice on the comments section of your page. Upfront feedback is what makes great products exactly that. When you get suggestions to improve your product or service early enough it’s always a good thing. You don’t want to invest a lot of time in a product or service that people don’t want, and if they don’t want, the Product Hunt community will let you know before you go the whole mile.

4. Fill up your email list

We know how difficult it can be to get the very first emails that matter onto your list. Of course, you will have a couple of those from your friends and family. However, the real email list is that which is made up of people who know how to analyse ideas and new services and getting such people to sign up on your email list is the best thing that could ever happen to your email marketing efforts. Product hunters are good at filling up the subscription boxes to get future updates about your service, especially when what you are providing is good.

5. Going viral is imminent

Imagine going viral on Product Hunt. It has happened before for many products, websites and services that were listed on the platform. Going viral will mean people start to talk about your startup on Facebook and Twitter and highlight all the amazing things you do. That is attention from the people you want to be talking about your product. So don’t waste the chance to go viral, the only thing standing between your startup and it going viral is you; Product Hunt is the mechanism.

6. Product hunt meetups

Meeting with other startups, influencers and journalists in meetups allows you to create a personal connection through conversations with these people. Product Hunt has meetups and there is a calendar for that. They are carried out across the US and you shouldn’t miss the chance when it is probably happening closer to you.

7. Learn what inspires the makers

The Product Hunt Radio is also something you should care to check out by all means. There are stories, tips and advice on the podcasts they share. These are not just your usual podcasts. They get into conversations with people who have worked in startups or as founders of startups to ask them how they did it. It is a good radio for sure.

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