Becoming a doctor of any kind is something that is extremely sought after and is a wise career choice, but a lot goes into any practice for it to become successful. Orthodontics is a profitable industry but it is dominated by big businesses that are willing to spend a lot of money to increase their market share. As a new practitioner and business owner, you need to figure out how to sustainably attract and retain clients. Without marketing, no business can survive, and as a medical professional, things are no different. Here are some of the latest and most effective marketing strategies you can use to level up your business.

1. Social Media

These days, everything is connected to the internet. From your TV to your phone and even your fridge. Most devices are connected to the digital web that we call home. More importantly, there are over 4 billion visitors on social media every day. That is well over half of the global population, and from the size of that figure, we can extrapolate that a very high percentage of the people in your neighborhood are online. Having a website is great, but the traffic is on social media. Rather than spending more money to get people to see your website, you should focus on where the crowd already is and try to get customers from there.

2. Video Ads

The way people consume content is also changing, and video ads are the new big thing. Since data streaming is so much cheaper now, a lot more people are watching videos whether that is from a wired connection or on their mobile internet. In fact, if you search for a guide to marketing for orthodontists, you will most likely find a lot of video ad content. They are so much easier to understand than going through a presentation and they are a lot quicker too. Video ads get some excellent engagement, and while they are tough to make, they are well worth the effort.

If you aren’t comfortable with making ads yourself, you can very easily find people online to do this for you. It won’t cost you a lot of money and you can get an entire series of ads made once you publish routinely.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still huge. As an orthodontist, you will be recording clients’ information and you can use this for email marketing. Email marketing has several benefits and it is quite cost-efficient. The best thing about email marketing is that you have direct access to your customers. You are reaching them through their email where you don’t have to compete with other advertisers. It is a prime marketing space.

4. Radio Ads

You might think that radio ads are going out of fashion, but they are more useful than people believe. There are more cars in the world today than ever before and a lot of people in those cars are tuned in to local radio stations. It is quite cheap to advertise on your local radio, and it is a great way to build credibility. When you advertise on mainstream platforms like the radio, people tend to trust you more since listeners are confident in the platform itself.

5. Newspaper Ads

Another highly efficient but underrated marketing technique is good old newspaper ads. Today, when you market through the newspaper, you can target audiences that read both physical and digital newspapers. Again, because the platform itself has such a good reputation, you get noticed and you develop a positive image with the clients. You can do newspaper ads with a limited budget and see results overnight.

6. Content Marketing

People are always asking questions about orthodontics, and through content marketing, you can position yourself as an expert. This could be as simple as writing blogs on your site or it could be through an extensive Quora campaign. However you want to do it, the important thing is that you provide readers with valuable content that shows you know what you are talking about. You can also do content marketing on other platforms such as social media. The important thing is that you have solid content that will attract people to you.

6 Orthodontic Marketing Ideas to Help You Attract More Patients

There are so many ways to market yourself these days that it’s easier than ever. As an orthodontist, the majority of your clients will be people in your locality. Therefore, it will not be useful to market to people in other states or in other parts of the world. Even with digital marketing, your focus should be to target a local audience so you are reaching people who can actually visit you and buy your services.