We have talked about what to look for when hiring developers but what is the point of all that when you don’t know where to find them? Today’s post we look at the best places to find developers online for your startup or coding needs.

1. Stack Overflow

This is one of the best places to find the developer of your choice and liking. It is one of the best sources because this forum is where most developers hang out. Stack Overflow started as a forum for developers; where they would get to ask each other questions and get answers for them. Recently, due to its popularity, it has grown to include several other topics like finance, history, martial arts, etc. However, it’s description still states that it is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. On stack Overflow, there is also a careers section where you can post your job and rest assured that most applications will come from serious developers.

2. Quora

Quora is another forum for questions and answers. While it intends to have detailed answers for everything possible, web development and programming is a very huge part of the site. Programmers also flock in this place because there are very interesting discussions going on all the time. If you are scouting for developers and have ample time to check out several of them in a real-life situation where they ask and answer questions in a forum with other developers, Quora is a nice place to spend your time.

3. Gun.io

This company was founded to connect hackers to employers. Hackers in this sense developers are thoroughly vetted before getting into this circle. The company prides itself of more than 15,000 developers, and more than $16 million paid out to its group of developers. What happens here is that you submit your proposal and the experts on this website undertake the task of finding you a great and affordable developer who suits your project and your needs. It is a more accurate way of doing it, but you are not involved in the hiring process quite entirely. The good side is that they help supervise your project to ensure that it’s on track and successful. If you don’t want to go through the whole process of interviewing several candidates, Gun.io is your friend.

4. Toptal

This is yet another platform just like Gun.io. The process is short; tell Toptal what you need and what kind of software developers you need, they find you a perfect match, and you could employ them if you are satisfied with the first project. Toptal claims to have the top 3% of developers and as you know, these developers are rare to find because they always have more job offers than they can take.

5. Upwork/Elance/Freelancer/Guru

All four of these sites are freelancing websites that cater to several professions. Programmers and developers are a solid part of these professional platforms. While all four sites may differ in one way or another, they both thrive upon an employer posting their job offers, and receiving bids from various freelancers. Posting your project there will lead to several bids from different developers around the world. You will get dumb developers there, cheap ones, expensive ones, brilliant ones and all the lot, just be careful because most of the developers on these platforms haven’t been vetted, make sure they have a strong history on the platform and on their portfolio so that you don’t throw your money to the bin. It’s a bit risky but when you find the brilliant ones, you will successfully finish your project with a smile.

6. Authentic Jobs

This platform has very few jobs because you pay to post your job there. However, the freelance developers here are very experienced and understand that you paid to post your job there, they may be expensive as well, but the quality is good. The platform strictly caters for developers and designers so it is very easy to narrow down to your talent and not get ripped off.


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