Trade shows are valuable for business growth, customer acquisition, and networking. Unfortunately, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted these events. With quarantine measures and lockdowns in place, organizing a traditional trade show became impractical.

However, as restrictions have gradually eased in certain areas, trade shows are regaining their popularity. Nonetheless, they will undergo significant changes with a primary focus on ensuring attendee and exhibitor safety. This article presents five ways to host a Covid-safe trade show.

1. Consider an Online Format

To achieve a fully safe trade show experience, hosting it online is an excellent option. Even before the pandemic, virtual trade shows and events were growing in popularity. Numerous platforms, tools, and apps enable the success of online trade shows. Attendees can still watch presentations, connect with others, and nurture important relationships.

2. Strictly Follow Safety Guidelines

If an online format is not feasible, prioritizing safety becomes crucial. All participants must wear masks, avoid handshakes, and maintain appropriate social distancing. Invest in signage and safety products, such as hand sanitizer stations, sneeze guards, and branded masks. American Image offers quality options for these items.

3. Limit Attendance

Large-scale trade shows with massive crowds will take time to resume. Until Covid-19 is fully under control, it is necessary to limit attendance. Allow only a safe number of people who can maintain social distancing within the venue. The specific attendance limit may vary, but prioritizing safety over volume is essential.

4. Conduct Health Screenings

Ensuring the safety of attendees is paramount. Simply requesting unwell individuals to refrain from attending may not be sufficient. Implement a brief health screening process during check-in. This may involve temperature checks, mask requirements, Covid-19 testing, or completion of a questionnaire. These additional measures provide assurance that everyone present is in good health.

5. Encourage One-Way Traffic

To enhance safety at the trade show, promote one-way traffic flow. Guiding attendees to move in the same direction reduces face-to-face interactions and potential exposure. Designate specific doors as entrances or exits only, and use appropriate signage to guide attendees accordingly.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can organize a Covid-safe trade show. Whether conducted online or with enhanced safety measures, your trade show can be a successful and secure event.