Trade shows are incredibly helpful for businesses to grow their brand, meet new customers and network effectively. Unfortunately, the recent Covid-19 pandemic that has swept the world all but put them to a stop. With people in quarantine and many locked down, getting a group together for a trade show was a very bad idea.

However, as restrictions are beginning to loosen in some areas, it is only a matter of time before trade shows make their return. Of course, they will look quite different, and the focus will be on the safety of attendees and exhibitors. This article will look at 5 different ways to set a Covid-safe trade show.

Consider Holding it Entirely Online

If you truly want a 100% safe trade show, doing it online is one of the best options to consider.

Even before Covid-19 began, the market for virtual trade shows and events was growing immensely. There are many platforms, tools and apps that can make online trade shows and events very successful. Attendees will still be able to watch and listen to presentations, make connections and build on important relationships.

Ensure All Proper Safety Guidelines are Followed

If you cannot hold it online, you need to make sure safety is the absolute biggest priority of the event. Everyone should wear masks, no one should shake hands and everyone should maintain the proper amount of social distancing. You should also look to purchase signage and/or products to help ensure all safety precautions are taken. If you need some of these items like hand sanitizer station, sneeze guards or even branded masks, check the American Image for some quality options.

Limit Attendance

Of course, it will be a while until physical trade shows have thousands and thousands of people. If you are going to put on a trade show before Covid-19 is completely dealt with, you will need to limit attendance. You should only have enough people that can safely coexist in the space while still maintaining a safe distance. The exact number should vary, but the fewer the better in terms of safety.

Perform Health Screenings

Of course, in order to have a safe event, you want to make sure that everyone attending is safe and not sick. While you can tell people not to attend if they are ill or feel like they might be getting sick, this might not be enough. When people check-in at the event, you should perform a brief health screening. This could be checking their temperature, ensuring they are wearing a mask or you may even require a negative Covid test. It could also involve them filling out a questionnaire. Either way, you should take the extra step to ensure that everyone is healthy.

Encourage One-Way Traffic

Another good idea for a Covid-safe trade show is to encourage one-way traffic. If everyone is going in the same direction, it is generally safer than people constantly walking past one another face to face. In a similar vein, you should also designate certain doors as either entrance or exit only. Of course, be sure to have signage in place to help people know the right way to go, and which doors to use.

If you follow the tips and guidelines outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to a Covid-safe trade show. Whether you take it online, or make it as safe as possible, there is no reason why your trade show can’t be a success.