In order to influence positive employee morale, every organization needs a comprehensive Onboarding Process. From the perspective of a new employee, the onboarding process is their first impression of your company.

The employee onboarding process should deliver three things for the employee:

1. Build confidence in their new role.
2. Transfer company culture and,
3. Support productivity to maximise their contribution.

In a manager’s busy life, this now can only be achieved when the company implements the best software for employee onboarding.

Here are some of the ways you can improve your onboarding process;

  • Automate the Process

Use automation for the exchange of forms, video training and policy education. Ensure that all forms and required documents have been returned before the employee arrives to work on their first day. This guarantees that day one will be focused on the important matter rather than paperwork. At IMI, the process automated with AI bot – Rhonda. Her fast-paced SMS onboarding features accelerate onboarding.

  • Keep it personal

Making them feel comfortable shouldn’t be a difficult task for you but it will make mounds of difference for your new employee on the big day.

  • Confirm that your receptionist is aware of the employee’s first day and is there to welcome and escort them to their workstation.
  • Introduce the employee to all of their team members
  • Make an effort to have their workstation set up before they arrive.
  • Provide them with a company roster, including everyone’s contact info.
  • Give them a tour of the office/building they are working in.
  • Provide information about the local area and great lunch spots.

  • Promote Communication

 It is normal for a new employee to ask various questions and have concerns in their first few days or even weeks of work. Provide them with a mentor to confide in about any questions or concerns raised. This will ease any confusion and show that you care about them. This mentor can help the new hire grow and integrate into their new role easier and quicker.

  • Check-in Frequently

Frequent check-ins with your new hire are important to show employees you care. On day one, Schedule weekly meetings between the employee and their manager. During these sessions, you can develop a sense of whether they are adjusting to the culture of the company and evaluate any progress made on goals. These check-ins will allow the employee to ask any necessary questions, clarify expectations and priorities.

  • Ask for feedback

Learn from each new employee and ask for feedback once the onboarding process has ended. This gives an opportunity for an employee to reflect on how the onboarding process went and whether or not there were any rough patches. Strengthening your onboarding process will help raise retention rates, improve employee satisfaction and increase job performance.

Companies with the best onboarding strategy aren’t just more likely to keep their employees but also have a dramatic effect on job performance, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. It is also important to use the best software for employee onboarding to be more efficient. Become one of the best companies to work for by strengthening your onboarding process.