Having a prominent position in SERPs is the aim of every online business caretaker. No one wants to stay on the second page of Google because it gets fewer clicks as compared to the pages ranking on the first page.

Have you ever thought about how Google ranks a page? If you are looking for the answer to this question, let us briefly answer here. Google analyzes more than 200 SEO factors to decide whether a webpage or blog is worthy to rank on the first page or top results.

One of the most important factors is the Authority of your website. It is the metric that shows the potential of your website for being ranked in the top results.

By having an idea about the authority of your website, you can know whether your website can be ranked in the top results or not. So, you can say that it is an indicating factor of ranking in Google.

In this guide, we are going to discuss 5 tips by following which you can boost your website’s authority. Let’s get started and have a look at the following section.

Is the Website’s Authority a Ranking Factor?

Many SEO experts ask this question because Google hasn’t mentioned any metric like website authority in its ranking factor. Actually, the authority of a website is calculated by a SAAS company named MOZ.

It is not a search engine metric that makes it confusing for people whether it is a ranking factor or not. No doubt, it is not calculated by Google but testing has shown that the website with high authority gets better chances to rank in SERPs.

It means that this metric is calculated based on those factors that are also considered and analyzed by the search engine. So, it is right to say that this factor is a ranking factor even though it is not calculated by Google’s algorithm. restaurant tip calculator

5 Tips to Boost Your Website’s Authority

By reading the above paragraphs, you must have understood the importance of the authority of your website. Now, we are going to show you some tips by following which you can raise the authority score of your website.

1. Optimize Your Website Structure

Your site structure and the user interface are one of the main factors that impact the authority of your website. The simple your website’s interface is, the longer a user will stay there. It indicates that you are providing something valuable to your readers.

When users will stay for a long your website, it will boost your website’s authority. Also, user engagement is a ranking factor that directly impacts your website’s rank.

Boost Your Website's Authority with Web Design

By optimizing your website’s structure, you will also help crawlers in crawling. It is good to submit a sitemap of your website for better crawling. When your website has a simple interface, the crawlers will not take enough time to crawl and index.

In this way, you will get an instant push in your website’s rank and get authority too. Also, all your website pages will be visible to the search engine.

2. Provide Worthy Content 

Do you know what is the mean of communicating with your website’s visitors? It is the content of your website that decides whether a user will stay there or not.

Boost Your Website's Authority with Worthy Content

Without providing worthy and quality content, you will never be able to engage the users and get authority. It is compulsory for you to provide something that the visitor is looking for after browsing your website.

Many people just copy other web pages and duplicate their content to publish. Keep in mind that plagiarism is a harmful factor for the ranking of your website. It will never let you stay at the top results for a long time.

Also, content plagiarism will reduce the user’s engagement with your website. All in all, your website’s authority and rank will move down that is not your aim. The best way to avoid content plagiarism is by using a plagiarism checking tool.

A plagiarism checker will compare your text and tell you whether your content contained something copied or not. Doesn’t matter whether you have copied something intentionally or accidentally, it will preview the overall results.

Boost Your Website's Authority with a Plagiarism Checker

3. Build Quality Links

Many experts claim that link-building is the core reason behind higher authority. No doubt, backlinks leave a great impact on a website’s authority. But it doesn’t mean thinking that this is the only factor and building links blindly.

Always focus on the quality of the links but not the quantity. You should try to get backlinks from high-authority sites with less spam scores. It shows that a website with quality stats is supporting you and giving you a link.

By doing so, you will get a huge push in your website’s authority that will pave your way to reach the top results of SERPs. Also, you should do an audit of your website to find spam and harmful links to remove them.

If you want to learn more about link building, check out our post by clicking here.

4. Always Remove Duplicate Content 

As mentioned earlier, plagiarized content is a threatening factor to the SEO of your website. So, you should remove it at any cost without feeling hesitation. The best way to do so is to read the duplicate section and understand the intent of the text.

It will help you in understanding what the meaning of the original text is. After that, you have to rewrite those lines by replacing the original words with their synonyms. Another effective and reliable way to do so is by using a free paraphrasing tool.

Such a tool has been designed with a particular algorithm to understand the meanings of your text. After that, it will choose the best-fit words to replace them with the original text.

Boost Your Website's Authority by Removing Duplicate Content

In the end, you will be able to make your content 100% unique within a few seconds with the help of this tool.

5. Enhance Social Presence 

Do you know how beneficial is to get traffic from various channels? It is just like a turning point that can help you in gaining higher authority. Many SEO experts ignore this factor but it can be a game-changing factor for your website’s success.

One of the best ways to engage users and get indirect traffic is through social media. According to stats, 17 famous social media platforms have 300 million active users. It is not a small number of users through which you can raise your traffic and authority at the same time.

Boost Your Website's Authority by Enhancing Social Presence

When you are getting users from various channels and regions, it indicates that you have published quality content. In this way, it will automatically raise your website’s authority and you will be able to achieve your goal.

Final Words 

With the above discussion, you must have got an idea about the importance of the authority of your website. We have also shown you some tips to follow for getting higher authority. These tips are most effective and useful for better outcomes.

By implementing these tips carefully, you will be able to get high authority and rank in SERPs. We recommend you to provide unique content always as it will keep you safe from copyright strikes and less user engagement.