When it comes to fashion and luxury brands, the rules of PR and marketing differ from those of conventional brands. This is because the products are typically high-end and the target market is usually more affluent. In addition, recent trends in PR and the channels of communication have undergone significant changes in recent years, requiring a fresh perspective to effectively reach the desired audience.

But how exactly does this translate to PR and marketing? More specifically, where should fashion or luxury brands be focusing their efforts in the year ahead?

Let’s take a look at five new rules for PR and marketing for fashion and luxury brands in 2023:

1. Focus on the Most Lucrative Social Media Platform – LinkedIn

Social media is still the quickest and most effective way to establish relationships online. For fashion and luxury brands, the search and filter process also makes social media the easiest way to reach the right target market. However, there’s a good reason to believe that LinkedIn could be the most effective and relative social media channel for these brands in 2023.

LinkedIn has the wealthiest demographics of any social media network. In fact, 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management. In fact, LinkedIn mostly consists of millennials and generation Z who account for one-third of the world’s buying power. Fashion or luxury brands need to attract these individuals who have a particularly high level of disposable income. 

What’s more, LinkedIn’s spokesperson recently claimed that this fast-growing social platform has the most educated and vastly experienced audience in the entire category.

2. Embrace Chatbots for Improved PR & Marketing

Let’s be honest, most people use chatbots a lot more than they realize. Chatbots are extremely common on modern websites yet most brands are still largely unaware of their importance.

The chatbot industry is currently worth close to half a million and is expected to more than double over the next five years. Amazon, eBay, and Facebook are just a few of the big names that deploy this artificial intelligence. This trend is likely to continue in 2023.

But how can chatbots improve PR and marketing for fashion and luxury companies?

Chatbots increase engagement among users. They are known to improve customer retention rates. They are a proven means of communication. Finally, the cost is significantly lower compared to conventional customer service and sales teams.

On the other hand, at a time when the traditional call-to-action seems outdated, chatbots can be highly effective at compelling online users to signup, register or “click here now”.

3. Master Long-Form Content and Recent Trends in Design

You may have recently noticed a significant change in search rankings. This was due to an update by Google which made a clear preference for websites with long-form content. In fact, long-form content of 3,000+ words gets 3x more traffic, 4x more shares, and 3.5x more backlinks than shorter blog content. For this reason, fashion and luxury brands should embrace long-form content as part of their marketing strategy.

Web design trends are indicating some of the most crucial aspects that PR and marketing should be focused upon. For example, custom illustrations have become hugely popular over the past two years. They offer unique ways for brands to convey messages in more accurate and colorful ways. There has also been a clear transition from standard typography to bold and elegant letters. These can do a much better job of infusing personality into the actual text.

With this in mind, recent trends suggest that PR and marketing for fashion and luxury brands should pay closer attention to user interface design. Optimization should be done often to enable the companies to improve their conversion rates.

4. Drive PR & Marketing through Stories

Instagram Stories reached a new paradigm this year with 1 billion monthly users publishing story after story. This rise was nothing short of spectacular but it was also largely expected. This is because more than 40% of professionals are using these stories as part of their marketing efforts.

But why are these stories so important?

Story-driven content is the fastest way to communicate information and connect with online users at the same time. Instagram stories are proving to be the most effective trend in modern marketing.

With this in mind, PR and marketing experts for fashion and luxury brands should think about how they can use stories to promote their brands. For example, maybe the brand can talk fondly about their customers or publish stories about the talented individuals behind the products. Imagery, video, and illustrations are all fantastic tools for this story-driven content. Statistics show that storytelling is powerful.

How Pressfarm can level up your storytelling

At Pressfarm, we understand the power that storytelling has to secure media coverage, especially in the fashion and luxury industries. Instead of attempting to pitch how your product is amazing, how about explaining to journalists why your fashion brand was created and what it does differently? Good PR focuses more on the stories behind the product than it does on selling the product itself. After all, PR is about brand awareness and image. You create a great story so that you can get more attention from the media. Eventually, the publicity you earn will boost your sales. Even so, your stories are what really move people to make the purchase.

With a team of PR specialists, expert writers, and certified designers, we can help you create quality content that you can then use to tell a memorable brand story. With a professional press release, some engaging guest posts, and a creative media kit from Pressfarm, you can make a splash in your industry and stand out from the competition. 

In addition to creating content that will make heads turn, Pressfarm has also developed a winning distribution strategy to get this content in front of the right eyes. By submitting your content to the right media outlets and startup directories, Pressfarm can ensure your brand ranks in relevant search results across search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Moreover, by giving you custom media lists from a database of 1 million+ journalists, Pressfarm can help you connect with the best people to help you share your story with the world. 

With a PR package from Pressfarm, you can share your brand story widely and win more customers over to your brand.

5. Focus on Influencers over Ads and Measure the Results

Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads have really cleaned up over the past few years with every last business rushing to take advantage of “cheaper” advertising. It’s true, the rates for doing marketing on these channels are still considered low. However, recent trends suggest this focus is taking a new direction with more and more marketers focusing on influencers instead of traditional adverts.

On the other hand, calculating the true value of influencer marketing was one of the major issues for marketers last year. Most marketers admitted they were unsure as to whether they should or should not be budgeting for collaborations with certain influencers. In some cases, things worked out but the lack of measurable metrics meant that many marketing efforts came up short.

Influencer marketing is still highly important to PR and marketing for fashion and luxury brands. However, it will be just as important to measure these statistics in the coming year so that brands can ensure the best possible return on their investment.

As we edge slowly into 2023, we expect that the above trends will continue to play out. While things are likely to change by this time next year, these are surefire rules that fashion and luxury brands should take seriously in the present.