5 most anticipated tech trends in the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

It is that time of the year again when we have a technology conference running through the whole second week of January. The most exciting moments of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2014 included the launch of a 105-inch bendable TV by Samsung, the 105-inch curved 4K LCD TV launched by LG, the gigantic Samsung tablet dubbed Galaxy Notepro, Sony’s 4K FDR AX100 Handycam Camcorder, Pebble’s fresh designs of their smartwatch and LG’s Life Band Touch which was also released as a go-to fitness band.

A year is a long time in the technology world and things change fast because the competition is stiff and tough. Within the same period of time there are also new players entering the market and launching new products: startups. CES is usually the best time for startups to get some airtime because tech journalists and analysts are always on the watch and so they will be this year in the conference taking place in Las Vegas.

Startups are unpredictable and it is hard to actually predict what we expect to see exactly from the 2015 CES. However, we can obviously expect to hear from companies that were funded on Kickstarter or by other venture capitalists and crowdfunding platforms regarding their products. On the bigger scale, the tech pioneers and several tech giants will be expected to bring some flair to the show in Las Vegas and those are our target in analysis today.

1. More 4K screens


2014 was the year that ramped up the 4K screen revolution. It still doesn’t make sense to me why a 4K screen is important considering that the eye cannot discern anything past 320 pixels. I’m not the only one by the way, the most valuable company in the world, Apple, also thinks as I do and that is why the resolution of the iPhones has barely been altered in the past several years. But other tech companies won’t relent in continuing to take up the 4K cake, maybe Apple and I are wrong. Maybe we shall be late to the party.

We are therefore expecting several companies (LG, Sony and Samsung most especially) to bring to us more 4K screens in the Consumers Electronic Show this week.

2. More smartwatches


Not just more smartwatches, but smarter smartwatches. Pebble made a very good name for itself as a smartwatch company out of the previous Consumer Electronic Shows most notably in 2013 and 2014. There is nothing that stops new entrants into this market as it is very unexploited. Startups will be hoping to launch a few smartwatches during the conference, and so will the big fish like Samsung.

3. More of the Smart Home System


CES has witnessed a lot of changes in the smart home system a lot in the past decade and it’s something we cannot ignore this year. From fridges connected to your smartphones or tablets, to software that allows you to effortlessly control your home from your portable device… the possibilities in the smart home system are endless. There are also several upcoming companies venturing into this and it surely is a huge untapped market. Want to confirm that statement? Well, why else would a huge company like Google purchase a growing startup like Nest (for $3.2 billion) which deals in making smart home gadgets? Because there is big bucks in that. As of now, Google’s Nest and Apple’s HomeKit are the most prominent companies driving innovation in this field and don’t be surprised if you see them at the CES.

4. More of the Virtual Reality technology


Oculus Rift will definitely be at the show in Las Vegas. They have been out of the picture for a few weeks and I cannot doubt any bit that they were developing something new to showcase during the Consumer Electronics Show. Virtual Reality will definitely go into gaming maybe a bit stronger than it ever did last year. Oculus Rift, the company Facebook purchased for a whooping $2 billion will be rearing to let us know that virtual reality is actually reality and it’s coming to the market with a bang. Mobile camera has revolutionised and 3D imaging is getting better and better, a testimony to prove that the VR phenomenon will be big in future with software makers willing to make it possible for users to create their own virtual reality environments.

5. More Smartphones


The company that carried the day in the smartphones area last year in CES was Sony. Their launch of the most powerful mini-smartphone of a flagship was phenomenal. That launch brought with it Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. The only difference between this phone and the flagship Xperia Z3 was the size. Everything else in terms of specs and even screen resolution remained as powerful as ever. Performance specs and Camera features remained the same as the Xperia Z3. But this was the predicted Xperia Z3 “Mini”?? Oh! Wait! Sony didn’t get the memo. All other mini-smartphones are barely ever this powerful and usually just skeletons of the initial flagships. I digress. Smartphones are coming in the CES 2015 and it won’t be from Google, Microsoft or Apple, at least not now. However, Sony will probably launch the Xperia Z4 and maybe Xiaomi will launch their new flagship, the Mi 5. Other players will be LG, Samsung and HTC.

So there you have it. These are the most anticipated trends by us in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Stay tuned, it runs through this whole week, a lot of news is coming your way. There is always a startup that makes the news, and big. Don’t miss that too.


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