Marketing a Software as a Service (Saas) is very tricky and getting your first batch of customers is also very difficult. It cannot work out without a little spending in marketing. Here are some marketing tips for Saas startups to get more customers:

1. Share your statistics

Salesforce had a very clever landing page where they displayed statistics that show what impact their software had to customers’ businesses. It’s like proving that your software works. They had stats which showed customers that if they adopted Salesforce as their CRM they would experience 56% faster deployment, 34% increase in customer satisfaction, 32% increase in lead conversion among others. These are eye-catching stats for people looking for a CRM platform for their businesses. If your business can adopt this, try it out and it could be stats marketing you because a customer tells another and another.

2. Publish Customer Testimonials

Customers like to see and read testimonials before they try something out. If you have carried out a few transactions that went well and the customers were satisfied, they obviously won’t mind testifying to the fact that your product or service is good. These testimonials will have new customers willing to try out what you are offering when they stumble upon your website.

3. Run contests

People like contests and that is why companies that carry out contests thrive. Competition is something that moves people. If your customers need something and you know they need it, make them compete to get it. Contests also get shared a lot by people who see them. These aspects about contests could lead to gaining leads.

4. Meetups

There is no better way of meeting customers and industry influencers than holding meetups where the mood is relaxed and not too official. Especially on weekends and Fridays, meetups work really well. Create a meetup and invite lots of people, have food and beverages available for free and also post to to get more views. You will notice that you meet very important people who may end up being your customers.

5. Blogging

Writing informative articles about your industry, startup and other quality topics on your blog can get you quite a huge amount of traction. The good thing about blogging is that it doesn’t have limitations. Nice articles get linked to by other websites a lot. They also get shared a lot and spread fast and widely. That is a very important marketing tip for any startup to follow because it brings people to your site and they could eventually check out your company’s products and services.

Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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