With the right personality and mindset, you can conquer the greatest battles in your life. In a room full of highly qualified candidates, an ardent temperament and appropriate demeanor help you stand out. But if you feel under-confident and are not sure of your personality, you can try a few effective online courses to pave the path to success.

Believe it or not, these virtual courses are completely results-oriented and have brought significant changes to the lives of so many people. If you wish to transform yourself into a better version of yourself, you should definitely try one or more of the courses recommended in this article. Meanwhile, if you are also a student, you can seek help with your papers online and use a custom essay writing service in the USA to manage your assignment deadlines while you enjoy your journey of personal development.

Along with an experienced team of essay writers from Custom Writings we have prepared useful stuff for students. Here are our top picks of personal development courses on the web.

Top Personal Development Courses Available Online

Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire Your Brain by Udemy

If you feel that it is too late to start afresh, you could not be more wrong. This course by Gregory Caremans is based on the fact that the human brain consistently creates new neural connections throughout one’s life. The course helps you realize that no matter what your age is, and how your upbringing has been, you can consciously bring in the change you want in yourself.

The program teaches you the concept of neuroplasticity. It helps you understand how to manifest your dreams into reality by learning suitable skill sets and adopting new habits. You can significantly improve your physical and mental well-being by applying the practices taught in this course.

This full-fledged self-improvement course is available on Udemy. After enrolling, you will get access to over 30 exercises that will unlock the dormant capabilities of your brain. It also enables you to improve the quality of your life by erasing and neutralizing your poignant and hurtful past.

Performance Under Pressure by Udemy

This one is for those who tend to get anxious and stressed out easily under pressure. It is easy to lose your temper when you are in control and things get out of hand. So this course, offered by Udemy, helps you maintain the right attitude and manage your reactions under pressure.

This course comprises 4 hours of on-demand videos, 95 downloadable resources, and 4 articles. The main target of this online course is to make you adept at maintaining your composure in problematic or stressful scenarios. It teaches you to respond mindfully to high-pressure triggers and keep your stress level under control.

The Science of Well-being by Yale University

The most popular class in Yale’s history of 317 years, the popularity of this course skyrocketed even in the first year of its launch. The course was designed by the renowned psychology professor Laurie Santos from Yale University. It leverages positive psychology and behavioral changes to understand happiness.

This course has been divided into three parts. Each part takes you one step closer to rewiring your brain and experiencing true bliss. It offers scientific tactics that you can use to attain the happiness quotient in your life. Get this gem of a course at Coursera for free. At the end of the course, you are required to work on the final Retirement assignment.

Manifesting Your Best Life by Udemy

This online course has been designed by a spiritual mentor Ray Mayor. Through this program, he helps you understand yourself better. The techniques and tools that come with this course enable you to let go of your restricting beliefs and negative thoughts.

The course is designed for everyone who understands the concept of manifestation and is willing to practice the same in their lives. Mayor teaches you to be grateful for what you have and encourages you to embrace the real power of faith and belief. This one is a hidden gem on Udemy. Anyone who wants help staying positive and experiencing the best in their lives should check this virtual course out.

Get Beyond Work-Life Balance by edX

If you are stuck in the never-ending cycle of achieving work-life balance, you should try this course. It takes you out of this dilemma and helps you understand the concepts of inclusive leadership and flexible work environments. You will get to learn from real-life examples. The course helps you realize your latent power as a leader, manager, team member, and individual.

The engaging lectures, quizzes, and case studies will keep you hooked throughout the entire program. After completion of the course, you can maintain a perfect work-life balance effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

It is true that just enrolling in one of these courses won’t lead you to overnight success. Even so, the persistent and mindful practice of the lessons will help you embrace optimism and confidence. These virtual programs are designed to help learners face the struggles and hardships of professionals and personal life with zeal. More importantly, they’ve been developed to help people overcome challenges with smart work and faith. But if you feel under-confident and are not sure of your personality, you can try a few effective online courses at Elektev to pave the path to success.

Do not waste your semester breaks or WFH sessions binge-watching the whole day. Instead, take a few of these courses and change your perspective on life. Only you can make your life better!