Just like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram stands out as a powerful social media platform. While your business may already create solid email marketing strategies, you may want to improve your Instagram strategy.

Try out these five tips to improve your B2B Instagram strategy.

1. Maintain a Central Theme and Brand Look

Some people quickly scroll through Instagram looking for something interesting, so you want to make your posts recognizable and easy to identify. You can do this by establishing your brand. Focus on themes that make sense for your business and also pick out a filter that makes your photos look nice. Instagram offers many filters that you can apply to your photos.

Make sure that your filters match your style: for example, if you’re going for a professional, corporate look you may not want to put cat ears on your photos since it would look silly and unprofessional. Instead, think about these questions as you look for the right filter.

  • Does this filter add to the image?
  • Does it match the style of my business?
  • Does it maintain a professional tone?

As you use filters to maintain your themes and brand, you can draw more attention to your photos and get people to notice your business.

2. Give Them a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Some people simply think of a company as an inanimate entity. They forget about the human aspect of business, so you can use Instagram to remind people that humans run it. You can humanize your brand by taking various pictures that remind others of the people behind your business.

For example, you may want to take pictures of your team members so that people associate those faces with your brand. You can also offer people a behind-the-scenes look to show them how your business functions.

If you have products to sell to other businesses, then show the manufacturing process. You can also take pictures of people packing your products. This gives people an idea of how your business functions and reminds them that it goes beyond a company name.

3. Use the Right Hashtags

instagram hashtags


Hashtags are powerful tools that can get more people to see your photos. If you use over 11 hashtags on Instagram, you’ll get more interactions on your posts. Make sure to add any relevant hashtags that you think will represent your business. However, do spend some time considering which ones you should use and which ones truly apply to your business.

Try searching for different hashtags that are relevant to your business to see how many posts they get. Try to take advantage of any trends, but don’t ignore less popular hashtags. You can add plenty of hashtags on Instagram, so include those less popular hashtags. This means that you have less competition for them and may gain more interactions.

Keep adding relevant hashtags to your posts so that you can get more people to view your photos and increase your interactions.

4. Keep it Consistent

Instagram doesn’t specify how often you should post. On top of this, there is no special formula that gets you more traffic when you post a certain number of times. Instead, you need to keep your Instagram posts consistent. Doing so will help you to increase your traffic and help you gain more interactions with people.

Consider these advantages when you keep your posts consistent.

  • People know when you will post.
  • People will check for your photos at that time to stay informed.
  • People will want to interact with you consistently.

As you keep your posts consistent, you can increase your engagement. People will want to like and comment on your posts to show their support and hopefully get a response from you.

5. Use Social Media to Be Social

People use social media accounts to interact with other people, so make sure to interact with your followers. Doing so will help you to get used to Instagram while directly talking with those interested in your business. As you interact with them, you can continue to show the human aspect of your business while making them happy.

Think of it this way: if a celebrity or a business you cared about interacted with you, wouldn’t you feel good? Provide that to your followers. This is especially important for B2B. Make sure that you give genuine responses and comments so that people feel appreciated. You can even go the extra mile and visit their profiles to like and comment on their photos.

When you interact with your followers, you show them that you care and that they matter to you. This builds trust with your followers so that they feel encouraged to support and help your business however they can. There are many different social media networks, so be efficient by using one of the popular social media scheduling tools.


Since Instagram focuses on images rather than text, you have to take a different approach when creating your B2B marketing strategy. You can still use some similar principles, but you should use Instagram’s features to the fullest. As you apply these five tips, they can help your Instagram marketing strategy to stand out and gain more attention.

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