Even though press releases are just one component of a company’s overall media relations strategy, there are different types of press releases for every business announcement a company might want to make.

In this article, we will look at:

1) Types of Press Releases 

2) Press Release Examples: The Good & The Bad 

Types of Press Releases 

A press release is usually created because a company wants to announce some news. Whether it is a company launch, new product launch, rebranding, or a new partnership, a press release should provide all the details required for bloggers, influencers, and media professionals to publish a story and get the company’s message out there.

In the past, press releases were predominantly sent to traditional media outlets like newspapers, magazines, and television networks. With the advancements of technology and the rise of social media platforms, press releases can now be used directly on a company’s owned media to promote their business on the internet via blogs, websites, and social networks. Some may question whether using social media is “the easy way out” or whether still calling it a news release is appropriate if it doesn’t go through traditional means. Even so, social media has actually provided businesses with a more direct avenue to their existing and potential customers.

There are certain things that businesses has to understand before even trying to write newsworthy content. Usually, creating a media coverage strategy requires the business to come up with a press release topic. Having a clear understanding of what content needs to be written to get media coverage gives companies a guide for writing the press release, including what content should go in it, and how and to whom to send it. With so much to consider, it can be overwhelming for a startup founder to filter through everything and come up with a story while also handling other company responsibilities. For that reason, PR agencies like Pressfarm exist to take the stress out of what should be an exciting time.

Pressfarm is a PR agency that helps companies of all sizes create newsworthy content, including brand briefs, press releases, and guest posts. Companies can use their powerful, filter-based search engine with over 75,000 journalists to find the ideal media match and reach out to their target audiences through a variety of PR packages. Their PR professionals and writers also help with online press release distribution, increasing release visibility in relevant search results across major search engines.

As mentioned, before, there are different types of press releases that companies need to be aware of when trying to get media coverage.

1) General News 

General news releases are meant to be used to generate traditional coverage in all types of media. Whether paid, owned, or earned, a general news press release is a common way for businesses to get the word out there about their brand. Of course, all effective press releases should have newsworthy content that draws the media professional or target audience’s attention.

2) Launch Release 

This type of press release is used when a company plans on releasing a new product, website, initiative, or anything new. While it is similar to a general news release, it emphasizes timelines and should help create a sense of urgency about the launch that is about to happen.

3) Event Press Release 

An event press release is used to promote an event that a company is hosting, attending, or sponsoring. These press releases are meant to raise awareness among the general public and invite the media members to attend or cover the event. In an event press release, timing is everything. To get numbers in the door and increase attendance, companies need to plan their press release well before the event so that enough people know about it. It will also give media professionals enough time to get the event on their busy schedule and begin preparing accordingly.

While all press releases should answer the essential questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how, companies need to think of event marketing press releases as a party invitation with all the necessary information that the party-goer needs to attend.

4) New Hire Press Release 

While this may not seem like newsworthy information to some, releasing a new hire press release helps a company build credibility, especially if their new hire is a high-level executive with plenty of experience in the field. This press release type is meant to act as a formal announcement to inform customers, investors, and the general public about leadership’s critical changes.

Companies who plan to release a new hire press release need to objectively describe what the new hire is bringing to the company to give people a better idea of what to expect from the new executive. The release should include:

  • Past roles.
  • Companies they have worked for.
  • Any other significant professional achievements.

5) Rebranding Press Release 

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, companies need to do a rebranding so that they are still able to stay relevant in the market. While announcing the rebranding, companies need to communicate their message to their existing customers and stakeholders effectively. A rebranding press release should specify what people can expect from the change, new pricing models, audiences served, products or features offered, or any updated visual content. It should also provide an opportunity to excite audiences by highlighting how the rebranding can improve customer experience.

6) Partnership Press Release 

 Much like a rebranding press release, a partnership press release’s primary purpose is to inform audiences of the upcoming changes a company is going through with a new partnership deal. Usually, both sides of a partnership have already built relationships with their customer base, which means that the company needs to write a press release that appeals to both audiences. However, since a company generally partners with brands that align with their values, they can communicate to their audience exactly what they can expect. Each brand can reach out to the other’s audience to gain more exposure.

7) Award Press Release 

It is always a great accomplishment when an individual or company receives an award for their industry achievements. While industry awards are pretty standard, they are not often publicized. For a company to establish themselves as an industry leader and expert in their field, they need to create a press release that highlights their achievement so that their target audience can learn more about the brand. An award can be an exhilarating experience, but the press release that is released should still be objective and discuss the award from a business perspective rather than bringing personal emotions into it. Excitement and emotions are also necessary, but companies should consider channeling their excitement into explaining how the award sets them apart from their competition and allows them to further their mission.

8) Charitable Initiative Press Release 

With consumer behaviour changing and people thinking twice about what company they want to support and what products to buy, charitable initiatives are a great way to show the public that a company cares about more than just profits. This has been even more true during social distancing, when consumers have resonated more with companies that were doing as much as possible to give back to the community during a tough time.

A charitable initiative press release is a company’s chance to tell audiences that they are concerned about more than money while also giving them an inside look into its culture. One way or another, we are emotional people and gravitate more towards a feel-good story than a factual one. Be that as it may, much like writing other press releases, it’s essential not to be overly promotional. The most effective way to write this type of press release is to give a high-quality description of the work done and rally others to get behind the cause.

Other than the necessary details in the release, companies need to include details that will also excite readers and intrigue the media. Information like the people who helped, the hours worked, or the money earned is usually quantitative, and those numbers will help the story gain more traction.

9) Crisis Communications Press Release 

Crisis management is another essential part of a company’s overall business strategy. When a crisis breaks out, the best way to deal with it is by providing a personal statement from the company so that people do not naturally begin to speculate, come up with their own theories, or predict the future.

A crisis press release is designed to stop the speculation, build trust in the business, stop investment decline due to speculation, and establish a central source of accurate information.

Press Release Examples

1) Target

  Target press release

When Target experienced the second-largest data breach in retail history, they approached the situation by creating a crisis management press release. In this press release, they accepted full responsibility for what happened and stayed focused on maintaining their customers’ trust. They also reassured their existing customers and added additional facts which individuals could use to gauge their risk. Target also offered free credit monitoring services to repair the damage the data breach caused.

2) Zoom

zoom press release


Since Zoom exploded quite quickly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were rising security concerns surrounding the software. As a response, Zoom released an acquisition press release to bring new stakeholders up to speed, show its continued commitment to improving its software’s security, and provide ways for users to receive updates continually.

3) CNN

CNN press release


While CNN is one of the major powerhouses for people to obtain news from all over the world, they also try to keep people updated with the company updates. This press release example discusses the new hire of Chris Cuomo when he joined the CNN team after leaving ABC News.

4) Donate Life America

Donate Life America Press release

This press release example is a good combination of the event and charitable press releases. Donate Life America does a great job making their information newsworthy by stating that the White House would host the event. The organization also mention that the event is aimed at saving lives, and includes influencers and organizations’ involvement. It also did a good job using links to direct journalists to information about their preferred topics and angles.

5) Gojo

Gojo Press release

The Gojo press release used the Inverted Pyramid writing technique to convince readers that they should care about the company’s solution to a significant community problem. After making their case to the community audiences, they also offered contact information solely dedicated to journalists wanting to learn more about their initiative.

6) eBay

eBay press release


As mentioned previously, new hires may not seem like important news to people outside a company’s industry. Even so, eBay did a good job establishing why Jamie Iannone should pique journalists’ interest. The press release highlights a newsworthy angle by expanding on Iannone’s expertise and impressive career while also instilling trust and optimism in customers, investors, and employees who might be wary of change.

7) Gerber

Gerber press release

This example of a press release can be categorized as a general news or event press release. There is nothing more touching than a feel-good story that involves babies. Gerber did a great job of telling an engaging story in a way that made it easy for journalists short on time to publish the story as is. This resulted in a newsworthy release that led to readers wanting to read more and provided journalists with a story that could immediately be sent out. This also allowed journalists to create any follow-up articles as the story continued to develop.

8) Chevrolet

Chevrolet press release

Many of Chevrolet’s press releases revolve around new product releases or improvements in their current products. The reason why many of their press releases get media coverage is their ability to use both text and visual content in their press release. Using multimedia and even interactive media that can immerse readers and journalists into their products generates more engagement than a mere text press release could.

9) Coca-Cola

Coca Cola Press Release

This press release example is the epitome of short and sweet. The partnership press release announced that Coca-Cola was planning to partner with the Make a Wish Foundation. For every Coke product sold, a dollar would go toward the foundation to help make terminally ill children’s dreams come true. This press release packed a punch because of its ability to put all critical information in a few short paragraphs. The fact that this was a charitable initiative also contributed to the positive publicity for Coca-Cola.

10) Yarnspirations

Yarnspirations press release 

For Yarnspirations, their new product launch press release offered options to target demographics the brand could not reach before. Their press release worked well because it effectively positioned the company’s products as industry disruptors. For journalists who do not have time to read long press releases, Yarnspiration provided a way to immediately access the important information.

11) Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A press release

Falling under the rebranding category, Chick-fil-A’s product-improvement press release did well because it followed all the best practices for a press release. Their press release was concise, had an objective tone, and a call to action. All these elements are valuable to the brand and its readers.

12) Apple

Apple press release

Apple took a unique approach in this rebranding press release by combining visuals with the structure of a traditional press release. This press release also shows that the company stands firm in its commitment to the LGBTQ community. The press release is excellent because it achieves two things; it rebrands the company as a supporter of the LGBTQ company, and launches the new Apple Watch Pride Edition. Apple has always been outstanding in its PR and marketing; this press release is no different.

13) NASA

NASA press release


While this press release may seem relatively minor, NASA effectively wrote about an event to discuss a discovery beyond the solar system. It also clearly stated that people could watch the essential keynote speeches on their TV channel and the agency’s website. Finally, Apple included a clear call to action by saying that there were limited spaces available. This was a clear warning that people who were interested in the event needed to try and get their seats as soon as possible.

14) Michaels

Michaels press release


Vendor recognition press releases are a way for companies to get the word out there about their company while also providing exposure for the company that helps them achieve their goals. The elements in this Michaels press release were designed to increase the level of engagement with the story and the brand.

15) Manna Development Group

Manna Development Group press release


Like the traditionally concise press release, an acquisition press release answers the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the acquisition. To establish more authority, these press releases generally use quotes. These encourage readers to let go of any anxiety around the change and focus on the bright future signaled by the acquisition.

16) Kohl’s

Kohl's press release 

Kohl’s did an excellent job creating a short but informative press release that offers an objective and factual release without using a self-promotional tone. The press release also provides resources journalists can use to create well-written stories, including multiple quotes from executives and contact information for both companies which media professionals can use to ask follow-up questions.

17) Keurig

Keurig press release


In this example, Keurig did a good job establishing themselves as an authority in the beverage industry. This partnership press release is excellent because it concisely presented the message that they were teaming up with other powerhouses. Keurig is known for its coffee, while Dr. Pepper and Snapple focused on other drink products. By partnering with those two companies, Keurig can reach an even larger audience than just coffee drinkers.

18) The Hormel Institute

The Hormel Institute press release


The Hormel Institute press release is an excellent example of a general news release that tells a feel-good story. The press release mentioned how they plan to continue their essential research for cancer and other diseases while also making sure that they follow the rules implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. They wanted their audience to be aware that they are taking the necessary precautions while also continuing to do their job in creative ways.

19) Siemens

Siemens press release

In this acquisition press release, Siemens concisely states that they could procure a project with AGL Energy Limited to deliver and maintain a Distributed Control System and a simulator training facility to enhance safety and reliability. It is an outstanding example of how two companies merge to create a new product that will benefit their communities. This example is great because it has a clear message and builds trust with the people in their community, increasing visibility.

20) Microsoft

Microsoft press release

In this example, Microsoft announces that they have joined forces with other companies in the financial services industry to fight cybercrime find a solution for it. The press release works because it shows that Microsoft is combining forces with other thought-leaders from other industries. By collaborating with other industry leaders, they can reach audiences which they may not have had access to previously.

21) General Motors

General Motors press release

In this press release, General Motors presents themselves as experts in their industry. By coming to agreement with the US and Canadian governments, they can create better products to help them in the competitive market. By stating that they are being backed by the government to make a “New GM,” they can instil trust that their products are safe and follow proper procedures while also investing in a brighter future.

22) Stitched Products

Stitched Products press release



This press release is an example of a new product press release. Stitched Products is obviously committed to helping develop a solution for iPhone users looking for a phone case that removes all unwanted debris like lint, dandruff, and pet hair. The press release is great because it clearly states the intention of the release in the first paragraph and also goes on to state that it is also a crowdfunding campaign. It’s also important to note that the press release includes the appropriate links and a clear call to action so that readers and media professionals can directly click on the campaign to either donate or find more information.

23) Netflix

Netflix press release

Ever wonder why so many Netflix shows get so much hype? A lot of it has to do with Netflix’s ability to get people interested in their content through their press releases. This example states that Netflix had partnered up with actor John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse from Full House, to create a mini-documentary series about his life. Not only are they building hype for the show, but they are also giving exposure to Stamos.

 24) Nike

Nike press release 


This new hire press release is an excellent example of a company presenting all the critical information of why their new employee is the best fit for their company and how they can improve. By adding past work experience, Nike establishes Jim Scholefield as someone who has much experience in their industry and encourages readers to keep him top of mind when considering the company.

Nike press release

Nike has always been a pioneer in the design, innovation, development, and creation of footwear and other athletic accessories. In this new product press release, Nike launched their new t-shirt that used computer design to “fuse a series of body maps and form a knit pattern based on the motion.” This provided hype for all athletes out there looking for a product that would make their workout better.

25) Instagram

  Instagram press release

We are all aware of the famous rebranding Instagram went through from their original concept art to the current icon. Their rebranding press release and strategy gave a fresh, vibrant look to their interface and visuals. Their press release worked because it explained to its audience the reason behind the rebranding and encompassed all of its new apps to create a unified look.

26) Freshworks

Freshworks press release

Freshworks Inc’s press release is an excellent example of a brand using a single brand name to sell products. In the press release, the company, called Freshdesk Inc, announced the creation of their new umbrella brand, Freshworks. This brand encompassing all other branches of the company like Freshdesk, Freshservice, and more.

27) Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems press release

In this award press release, Aspire Systems establishes itself as an expert in their industry by mentioning that the company was featured in “India’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2019” The press release shows that they will continue to provide services like outsourced product creation, software testing, application support, etc. to its customers. With this announcement, the company also gives potential hires the incentive to consider the company as a place of work.

28) Adobe

Adobe press release

Expert position press releases are mainly used to establish a person or company’s credibility in a specific area. In this press release, computer software giant Adobe shows their expertise in their field when it comes to B2B and B2C commerce suites. It is an excellent example because it presents information that has been validated via research from an unbiased firm and shows that Adobe was able to receive the highest score possible in all aspects of their products.

29) S&P Global

S&P press release

This press release is an excellent example for the financial services industry because it demonstrates expertise about the difficulties that companies were facing or expected to face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By presenting these valuable insights, S&P has established itself as a leader in their sector, turning themselves into the go-to for valuable information.

30) H&M

H&M press release

In the world of fast fashion, full transparency about the goings-on of a company can be very rare. However, H&M, a company that has previously been known as one of the leaders in fast fashion, became the first fashion retailer to offer their customers complete transparency. This commitment to honesty enables customers to make informed decisions and positions the brand as an expert in the industry.

31) HSBC

HSBC press release


HSBC has always been one of the frontrunners in the finance industry. In this recognition press release, HSBC proved they are an expert in the industry by positioning themselves in green financing and gaining the Green Climate Fund accreditation. The press release worked well because it emphasized that the company is committed to sustainable development and will continue working with clients, governments, and businesses to address climate issues.

32) AT&T

AT&T press release

In a world where people are highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, this recognition press release positions telecommunications company AT & T as an expert in their industry. AT & T states that they are now a member of the Hall of Fame DiversityInc top 50 companies for diversity. This is excellent recognition because all companies that have made a list always have and will continue to be leaders in diversity and inclusion. This promotes accountability for fair treatment of their employees.

33) AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca press release

At the moment, AstraZeneca does not need any introduction since it is one of the companies that have brought the COVID-19 vaccine to reality. However, in this press release, the company was announcing their Young Health Program’s partnership with UNICEF to raise awareness among young people and decision-makers about the dangers of mental and physical health disorders. It worked because it covered the efficiency and efficacy of the program, thus highlighting the importance of the initiative.

34) Honeywell

Honeywell press release


In this press release example, Honeywell shows solidarity with their community by providing a solution to fight the pandemic through charitable initiatives. In the press release, the company discusses how they will support their community by producing and donating hand sanitizer during the pandemic. This shows that rather than just thinking about profit, they want to help people during this tough time. A charitable initiative like this one is bound to increase Honeywell’s visibility.

35) The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney press release

The Walt Disney Company needs no introduction, but in this press release, the company intended to spread awareness to its large community of its efforts through the Disney Conservation Fund. Since their audience encompasses everyone from children to adults, they can get their message out there to promote environmental protection programs and projects that help conserve biodiversity and ecosystem while also encouraging their audience to take action.

36) New York Life

New York Life 

In this acquisition press release, New York Life explains to its audience the value that the company can bring to its policyholders in their well-defined business model. This press release is excellent because it provides audiences a better understanding of how they can provide a solution to their consumers.

37) Facebook

Facebook press release

Facebook is already known for connecting loved ones around the world. In this merger press release, the company shows how by acquiring WhatsApp they can continue on their mission to strengthen their connectivity and offer increased use value to people around the world. What works so well is the detailed description of the deal, including the financial aspects.

38) Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway press release

If you’re unfamiliar with this company, you are probably familiar with its primary investor, Warren Buffett. This press release worked because it complemented Buffett’s ideas and strategies to increase its earnings through mergers and acquisitions. The takeover of Precision Castparts Corp has been the company’s most prominent takeover yet.  

39) JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan press release


When racism had reached an all-time high, JPMorgan Chase decided to create a new position at the company named “Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion.” This position was a reflection of their stance on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce. This worked well because it showed their community and other potential audiences that they were working to create a better work environment for their company and give other businesses the incentive to do the same.

40) Volkswagen

Volkswagen press release

This press release would be considered an “update on existing product” press release. Volkswagen already had their product, the Golf GTI, but this press release announced an update to take their automobile to the next level. Their new Vehicle Dynamics Manager is meant to help manage all electromechanical operating gear systems intelligently.

41) Sony

Sony press release

In this example, Sony presents themselves as a frontrunner in its industry by announcing that they have created a new product that will ultimately set them apart from the competition. This works well because they have provided a solution to those looking to get more extensive memory card storage. Sony has always been known as a technologically-advanced company, and this press release reinforces that.

42) Titleist

Titleist press release


This new product press release example is great because it explains how the product has been improved in its latest version. It also offers a clear description of product features and provides quotes from the company’s experts like the Senior Product Manager.

43) Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco press release 

Known as one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies globally, this partnership press release announced the long-term sponsorship that Saudi Aramco was launching with Formula 1®. By promoting this, it connected the company to a vast audience of racing fans to strengthen its corporate branding and engagement through the PR event. What makes this press release significant is that it was the first time an oil and gas company had announced a sponsorship with a major sporting event.

44) L’Oreal

L'Oreal press release


L’Oreal has been a powerhouse in the beauty industry for a very long time. In this partnership press release, the brand announced its partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai as an official beauty products and services partner. By doing so, they can reach an even larger audience while also presenting their latest beauty products and services. This partnership also allows them to participate in events that showcase the future of beauty, driven by customization, new technologies, and sustainable innovation.

45) Renault-Nissan

Renault Nissan press release 

These companies are in two different industries, but they are both still very well-known names. This press release example is great because it shows that Renault-Nissan and Microsoft have combined forces to use technology to “deliver the future of connected driving.” In a society where we rely heavily on both transportation and technology, the press release gives readers a sense of excitement about the direction that both companies are heading in.

46) Associated Press

Associated Press press release

This Associated Press press release is excellent because it clearly identifies the intention of the story. Much like other partnership press releases, it shows two companies with different target audiences coming together to create a product that can help users meet all their media needs in one place. By partnering with each other, both companies can reach a larger audience and target one they may not have had access to before.


Vans press release

In this charitable initiative example, well-known brand Vans announced that they were teaming up with a non-profit foundation to help educate active youth worldwide about the benefits of ocean safety awareness. The press release works because Vans is not only a company that people already love, but they are also trying to find solutions to two major issues that the world is dealing with today – environmental issues and lack of education for children. This presents a feel-good story which helps audiences resonate more with the message.


Whatever category a press release falls under, the underlying fact is that all types of press release are used to generate media coverage for a brand by getting media professionals and their target audiences excited about the message. There are several ways to create a press release, but sometimes help from PR professionals is just what the company needs to make an effective press release that resonates with audiences.




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