Smart-phone comes in different shapes, colors, styles, prices, and operating systems to suit every budget and lifestyle. Nowadays, we depend so much on our smartphones. As they have become very advanced that they almost help us in performing all of our daily tasks. We need them to do our work, have fun, and we use them in learning too! Moreover, more brands recently came to light and are competing viciously in the smartphone market to the point that it became kind of hard for customers to decide which brand works best for them. With too many features and applications, we sort of got lost in the middle. If you think you know all the things your smartphone can do, think again! As you most probably don’t. Read on to learn about 4 things you didn’t know your phone can do!

1. Identify the Destination of Planes

One of the brands can make you find out the destination of the plane flying over your head! Even if they disappear in the clouds! All you have to do is to call out to the virtual assistant and say, “Planes overhead.” And a table of all the planes that are flying near you will appear on the screen. No more wondering about the destinations of the planes flying over your head. As you can simply ask your virtual assistant, and you will get the answer right away. So, next time there is a plane flying by, go check your phone to find out where it is going.

2. Send Annoying Calls to Voicemail

We all have some contacts that we hate receiving calls from! However, there are some features on your phone that can really come in handy. Especially when it comes to dealing with phone calls from annoying contacts! You might already know how to divert calls. But that is not all there is to it. Did you know that you can make annoying people’s numbers go straight to voicemail? All you have to do is open your contacts and select the person you don’t want to receive calls from. Then choose “edit contact”. You will find an option that opens a box that allows you to send all calls from that contact to voicemail. I bet you have just unlocked your phone and started adding contacts to that list! From now on, no more calls from people you don’t want to receive calls from.

 3. Allow Your Friends to Track You

This feature comes in handy when you are in a festival, concert, or any crowded area and you are supposed to meet up with your friends. You and your friends can share your locations with each other and allow them to see you as you move around to be able to locate you in the crowd so you don’t waste time looking for each other. In order to activate this feature, you need to open messages and tap the conversation you are in, and select “Details” then “share my location”. Moreover, you get to select the duration for which you want your friends to be able to track you down.

 4. Unlock Automatically When at Home

Using your fingerprint, pattern, or passcode are the usual ways you can lock and unlock your phone. However, there is another way; your phone can get automatically unlocked when you reach your home or any place you set your phone to get automatically unlocked when located in it. This feature uses GPS to detect places considered as “trusted Places” to unlock your phone when it is located in them. All you need to do is go to settings then security and choose “smart lock” then “trusted places”, and set up the places you want your phone to get automatically unlocked when you are in them.

things your phone can do

Bear in mind that these features depend on the operating system you are using, as some of them are found in certain software and not all of them. Smartphones are becoming more and more advanced with each new model or update, which is all to our benefit. They come in all shapes and forms. On top of the features we already know we have on our phone, there are some hidden features we didn’t even know existed that include automatic unlocking, identifying overhead plane destinations, allowing friends to track you in crowded places, and automatically sending calls from annoying contacts to voicemail! There are even more hidden features than these four, so unlock your phone and start exploring the amazing hidden features on it.