4 Best Social MediaMonitoring Tools for Startups in 2019

Organic social media marketing is divided into two mainprocesses:

  • The content that comes from you and your brand.This is the content you create, aggregate and share with your audience. Socialmedia scheduling and workflow tools automate and optimize this part of socialmedia marketing.
  • The second aspect of social media marketingcomes from the audience. It’s the mentions of your brand online, reviews,questions, compliments and complaints.

Posting may be significant to increase brand awareness butalso keeping an eye on what people say about you and responding appropriatelyis important too. Social media monitoring tools make communication with anonline audience comprehensive. Here are a few tools that stand out:

1. Awario

This is a social media listening tool made for soleproprietors and small businesses. It doesn’t require a tremendous budget, yetit covers all major social media listening features. Its features include;  

  • Finds mentions or any other keyword of yourbrand on all major social media platforms, including influential forums likeReddit
  • Breaks mentions down into positive, negative andneutral ones
  • Shows you a list of influencers
  • Offers reports with all statistics on the authorsthat mention your brand.

Price: starts at $29/month


Mention offers real time social media monitoring and you canset up alerts for your brand, your competitors and your industry. Herewith thistool, you can view and respond to likes, tags or mentions right from the app.It is also possible to sort mentions by importance or significance and even setup filters, including by source or by language.

Mention offers two options which are tailored to thedifferent people who need social media monitoring. These are small businessesfocused on their own branding and also agencies working on behalf of theirclients.

Price: starts at $29/month

3. Brandwatch

 Brandwatch’s analyticsdata is highly visual. It is perfect to illustrate the meaning of social mediamarketing to clients, if you’re an agency.

Brandwatch has an option to set up an alert whenever akeyword is referred to by the authors you choose. Signals alert on significantchanges in the data, such as a sudden rise or an increase in negative mentions.

Price: starts at $800/month

4. Talkwalker

Talkwalker offers a huge range of filters, sub-filters, andplatform coverage and that makes it the most powerful in the market. Not onlydoes it cover social media, news sites, blogs and forums, but it also coversbroadcast, TV and print.

It combines information from Google Analytics and socialmedia, sentiment analysis and image recognition to show you the most precise report.It allows you to manage a smooth workflow within a department and easily sharedata across departments.

Price: starts at $9,600/year