Businesses are always on the lookout for an effective marketing strategy in order to have that competitive edge over their competitors and be unique at doing so.

Even though using custom stickers may sound like an old traditional marketing strategy many will claim that it is dead and won’t work, but we can tell you that this isn’t necessarily true. Using custom stickers is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can use nowadays. Maybe you have never actually thought about it in the first place, but you should really think twice about it.

Moreover, you may think there are different marketing strategies you should focus on, but that isn’t necessarily true. Marketing is about being unique, and using custom stickers is one of the best ways to show your uniqueness. Online advertising is not the only option you should always focus on, so that is why it is always a good idea to try different things when promoting your startup.

In this article, we will be showing you the three ways in which you can use custom stickers to enhance your marketing strategy:

3 ways how custom stickers can be an effective marketing strategy

1. Brand Promotion

Whenever you are handing out custom stickers to your customers and potential customers, you are giving them a small peak of what your startup is all about. Not only is it a unique way of promoting your brand but it is also considered a classic advertising method.

You can try giving custom stickers out personally to your customers or allow them to come and pick them up for themselves. If you work online and have no physical store, you can ship them directly to your customers.

If the design of the stickers is appealing to people, they will usually start sticking them on areas where other people will see them too. Areas such as their offices, bottles, desktops, laptops, phones, and more.

Brand Visibility

Brand promotion with handing out custom stickers helps in improving brand visibility. This is mainly done when your stickers are put on some restaurant, billboard, or other areas.

Many won’t actually know that Custom sticker printing is actually effective, a great way to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. The most preferred areas where businesses (especially startups) will stick them are on giant billboards and advertisements online and on TV commercials.

Overall, custom stickers are an easy promotional product. They are one of the most simple promotional tools a startup business can use and you don’t require any in-depth knowledge to hand them out.

You don’t need to be rich to use this advertising method, and the best part about it is how easy you can think of creating your own promotional gift. You can put a bunch of stickers on a notebook, and there you have an excellent promotional gift out of nowhere!

Long-term promotion

Many ads that you set up will only stay for a short time, whether they are banners, TV ads, or even online ads. However, whenever stickers are made from quality material, they can stick in places for a very long time. You can see stickers on walls, banners, notebooks that have been there for five or more years. Don’t forget to get the quality ones or otherwise they won’t last that long!

2. Customization

How to Use Custom Stickers for Marketing

Custom stickers are the perfect way of customizing your promotional product and packaging to enhance the brand experience for your customers. This is your chance to use your creativity and see what works.

Are you selling notebooks? Try to include some unique stickers that you won’t see anywhere else. Try to put your imagination into play, and print stickers that you think will be the best fit. The less you see these stickers anywhere else, the more excited people will be to use them.


Generally speaking, sticking custom stickers on your packaging will offer a great first impression for your startup. Put a sticker on each of your packages and even offer them as a gift if you can to get the word out.

Sometimes whenever you have to apply hundreds of stickers, it is a good idea also to use sheet labels as they can save you time and help you apply the stickers faster.

Additionally, you can try adding social media handles and contact details to these custom stickers in order to engage your customers. This way, they have a brief understanding of how they can contact you further and have your contact details

Business cards

If you’re looking to do something unique, then try using custom stickers on business cards as an alternative to packaging. Imagine how many business cards are given out when you meet other startup owners at an event. It is an excellent way to stand out whenever you hand out business cards with a custom sticker logo.

3. Unique and cost-effective

How to Use Custom Stickers for Marketing

According to Statista, there are over 200 million companies worldwide. That is a considerable number of companies, and maybe, even more, considering those we don’t know of. In other words, the competition is pretty high. So, what could save you in this case? It is being unique and coming up with something unique.

Custom stickers are great at doing just that since it isn’t a typical marketing method every company uses. Leaving a unique first impression is essential if you want your business to do great during its startup phase. The more different your sticker will look, the better it will be for you.

A unique approach can also be referred to as Guerilla marketing. This is when you surprise your audience and leave a lasting impression because they felt some emotional trigger once they saw what you offered them.

Using them as Gifts

Since stickers are usually given out for free, they are perceived as gifts. Giving out gifts is an old-school marketing strategy that will always work. It refers to the rule of giving back, meaning that we will want to give in return whenever we get something. This may be done through a purchase, shoutout, or even a recommendation.

Every purchase made, including custom-free stickers, will leave an excellent first impression on customers. You can consider this a unique approach and an opportunity for your customers to recommend you even more. After all, let’s not forget that word of mouth is indeed the most powerful marketing tool.


You require those financial resources more than ever when you have a startup. For that reason, custom stickers are a cheap option to go with, so this is your most significant advantage. It is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your brand and get good results.

You might hear many saying that social media is the only way to have successful exposure because it is free, but nobody tells you about the paid ads you have to set up and the consistency that goes with it. So, in the end, custom stickers still get the point here.

The best place to put custom stickers

How to Use Custom Stickers for Marketing

Now that you know why you should use custom stickers, you want to get some ideas on where to post your stickers. Well, don’t worry, because we will tell you exactly where you can put them.

In some countries, states, and cities, putting stickers or anything else on walls can be illegal. No need to worry, though, because the ideal place to post a sticker is in bathrooms. Yes, it sounds surprising, but whenever you put stickers in a bathroom, most people will pay more attention to it because they have nothing else to pay attention to.

You can stick them anywhere, from the mirror to the bathroom door or even the sink. That will help you get a lot of attention. So whenever someone is washing their hands or even looking at themselves in the mirror, they will throw an eye at your sticker and think about your business.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s about it for this article. Hopefully, now you are convinced to start using custom stickers in your marketing strategy. Remember, leaving a first impression is vital if you want to make custom stickers work.

This article reviews why custom stickers can be a handy solution for your marketing strategy. We recommend you pay close attention to each area we covered and see how you can implement your custom stickers.

Use all the resources you have as a startup and try always to use your creativity to the maximum to see what you can continuously improve. You have the information, now it is time to go out there and put these words into action!