Technology in the USA is booming business and jobs are highly available to most people in the field. Even more, the startup economy is booming and so many businesses are doing well. These can be reflected today as Glassdoor released their report on the highest paying jobs in America.

It is looking increasingly proven that if you want to get the good money get that tech degree. Become a data scientist, or a software engineer. Better still be good in more than one and you can be watching your bank fill on a yearly basis.

Aside from the tech jobs, some of the top non-tech jobs include Physicians, pharmacy managers, and pharmacists all of whom take the top 3 positions. A corporate counsel at 5th, Physician assistant at 7th, and a nurse practitioner at 9th close the top ten list.

Plant managers, financial planners, scrum masters, consulting managers, attorneys, and tax managers are also in the list. Besides the earning potential of these careers, Glassdoor also gave a look into the demand by showing how many openings are currently available on their site. To get a glimpse of what the top 25 jobs in the U.S.

Check out the official list below:

  1. Physician: $195,842 base salary, also 3,038 job openings
  2. Pharmacy Manager: $146,412 base salary, also 2,009 job openings
  3. Pharmacist: $127,120 base salary, also 2,534 job openings
  4. Enterprise Architect: $115,944 base salary, also 1,097 job openings
  5. Corporate Counsel: $115,580 base salary, also 693 job openings
  6. Software Development Manager: $108,879 base salary, also 1,064 job openings
  7. Physician Assistant: $108,761 base salary, also 8,616 job openings
  8. Software Engineering Manager: $107,479 base salary, also 1,105 job openings
  9. Nurse Practitioner: $106,962 base salary, also 14,931 job openings
  10. Software Architect: $105,329 base salary, also 1,130 job openings
  11. Engineering Manager: $105,260 base salary, also 4,738 job openings
  12. Applications Development Manager: $104,048 base salary, also 360 job openings
  13. Plant Manager: $103,892 base salary, also 1,182 job openings
  14. IT Program Manager: $102,969 base salary, also 218 job openings
  15. Solutions Architect: $102,160 base salary, also 5,899 job openings
  16. Financial Planning and Analysis Manager: $102,155 base salary, also 108 job openings
  17. Data Architect: $101,900 base salary, also 1,472 job openings
  18. Strategy Manager: $101,754 base salary, also 2,641 job openings
  19. Systems Architect: $100,984 base salary, also 1,146 job openings
  20. Scrum Master: $98,239 base salary, also 1,876 job openings
  21. Consulting Manager: $97,154 base salary, also 1,536 job openings
  22. Attorney: $96,678 base salary, also 903 job openings
  23. Cloud Engineer: $96,449 base salary, also 1,077 job openings
  24. Tax Manager: $96,175 base salary, also 3,690 job openings
  25. Data Scientist: $96,116 base salary, also 4,986 job openings