20 tools to help startups manage their profiles to gain traction on Twitter

Twitter for startups is one of the most rewarding social media platforms. Gaining followers on the social media network is never as difficult as it seems and it all takes proper strategies and using the following tools to build your network:

1. Unfollowers

This is a tool available for both Android and iOS as well as your web browser. This tool will track all your unfollowers, people you follow but don’t follow back, people who follow you but you don’t follow them, inactive accounts that you follow, fake followers and it will even allow you to get a list of people who follow a competitor’s account so that you can follow these people too.

2. Tweetdeck

Purchased by Twitter in 2011, some people have dubbed it better than Twitter’s official web version. I agree. You can manage multiple accounts and create several streams from notifications, to mentions and direct messages. It’s the best multi-user website for Twitter you can get.

3. Klout

Klout is a tool that allows you to track your influencer score. As a startup, it is important to track growth and influence goes a long way. When more people talk about you online including your number of followers on social media platforms increasing, you get a higher influencer score on Klout. Klout also has a dashboard from which you can schedule tweets.

4. WeFollow

Enables you to find new followers based on your keyword. It provides a nice list of people you should follow. Also gives you a list of prominent people.

5. The One million tweet map

The best thing about this tool is, it provides you with the most trending topics per location. Nothing beats targeted search and targeted traffic. If you want to see the most trending topics from various locations around the world, this map has it all.

6. The Latest

This is like an archive for the best and most interesting links on Twitter from accounts of the most interesting people in your circle and beyond. Not bad if you are looking at sharing some of these links in future because if people like them you can always get some retweets.

7. SumAll

Often times you have a lot on the table you just can’t manage to track your growth. Good thing is most times of the week you do check your email. That’s where SumAll comes in. Once connected with your email, this tool will send you information on a daily or weekly basis about your follower growth, how many mentions you are getting, and more about your engagement on the site.

8. Ritetag

This is one important tool if you want to find out which hashtags work best. This tool gives information on the hashtag’s reach and alternatives to try when you want your tweets to reach more people.

9. Tweriod

As you can tell, the name almost sounds like “period”, that’s because this tool helps you find the best time to tweet. Tweriod analyzes the tweets you send out and the time you do. It also analyzes tweets by your followers to find the best time for optimal engagement.

10. Twitaholic

One of the best tools to find out who the most popular people on Twitter are together with detailed stats about your Twitter account.

11. DoesFollow

This is the best way to find out who follows who. Want to check out if Mark Cuban follows Peter Thiel? Or if Elon Musk follows Bill Gates? This is how. In a startup context, knowing some bit of such information maybe thrilling as it could be very informative.

12. Nuzzel

It’s really important to stay in the loop with your followers. Do not underestimate the power of reading. Your followers read a lot. In fact that’s why Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year resolution for 2015 was to read one book every week and you will be amazed to find out that millions of his followers in the world joined him in this. Nuzzel is a tool that will help you stay on top of what your followers are currently reading. With this tool you get to discover content that your followers are reading as well as content that your followers’ followers are reading.

13. Hootsuite/Buffer

These two social media tools work almost the same it’s only that they have different pricings for the pro versions and different interfaces. I personally prefer Buffer because I like its cleaner and simplistic interface. These tools schedule tweets and are proper analytics tools for your Twitter profile. They will analyze your tweets’ performance and provide you with this data to analyze and find out how to improve.

14. Topsy

This tool helps you to get the most recent and relevant tweets, and links based on a certain keyword search. Also provides data on keyword volume, videos, and influencers.

15. SocialBro

There is a paid plan for this tool. However, like most of the tools we have mentioned before, it has a free plan. SocialBro does almost everything when you have a paid subscription but even so, with free plan it provides you with information on the best time to tweet in relation to when most of your followers are online. It also provides community segmentation features as well as follow and unfollow tools.

16. Riffle

This is a browser plugin available for both Mozilla, and Google Chrome. It has information on your statistics, the most popular hashtags, most shared links by your followers and much more.

17. SocialRank

Want to find out who are your best fans? When your account is growing it’s easy to get lost in the buzz but it’s the most loyal fans for your startup that make your company grow. They are the ones who generate the buzz. SocialRank is created to provide you with a list of your best followers and the most influential too. The list depends upon engagement. The followers who engage with you often will of course be at the top of the list. If you get this list, it gives you a glimpse of the followers you should be engaging with on Twitter.

18. Tweetchat

If you are looking for a tool to help you keep the conversation going at whatever time, this is it. Tweetchat allows you to follow a specific hashtag. Hashtags trend most of the time and tweeting with the hashtag especially when it relates to your company’s line of business will help you get some attention and probably increase followers while the hashtag is trending. This tool also provides a sort of hangout where you have all the hashtags collected for you depending on your specifications. If you reply to a particular hashtag, it automatically gets added on your tweet.

19. Swayy

If you run a blog on your website, sometimes getting ideas of what to write about could be really difficult. Swayy tool will show you what topics your followers recommend. The data also includes what topics they enjoy reading about. This will go a long way in getting you to write up something that your followers will gladly share and enjoy hence more followers and more Twitter influence.

20. Twipho

Photos speak louder, they say. It’s true even looking at data analysis from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With Twipho you can search photos by keywords and you will get a photo feed. You can retweet these photos or look for similar photos to catch people’s attention with. If the photo is really nice, your followers will share.


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