Video games. Online gaming. At first, these words might not really paint the picture of a demanding sport. They may not be physically exerting in the same way that a traditional sport like football is, but video games – like any other sport – require a great deal of preparation and discipline to play at an advanced level.

Competitive gaming has become so popular that it has earned the term e-sports to explain how gamers specialize in a sport, form teams and build the skills required to defeat their opponents. As with any other sport, these players need to be in peak condition to perform well. In fact, gaming is more demanding on the average player than you might think, because it requires high performance of cognitive functions and a heightened attention span. As such, more gamers are turning to supplements to improve the cognitive abilities required for optimum gaming performance, including: 1) Focus, 2) Strategic thinking, 3) Short-term memory, and 4) Creativity.

In response to this need for gamers to enhance their skills and abilities, companies have started specializing in producing gamer-specific supplements to meet specific needs.

Troy Gregory launched his company for this very purpose. 16VIT aims to meet the wellness needs of the modern player. They were recently featured on a spot on NewsWatch on AMC, where they were praised for supporting gamers’ overall lifestyle and wellness.

On Pressfarm, we chat with clients regularly so we can share their inspiring startup stories with you and make sure more people know about the amazing things they are doing. In our startup story today, we talk to Troy about the inspiration behind 16VIT, how they continue to meet gamers’ needs and his vision for the future of the company.


“The rise of e-sports and other digital games has produced new challenges,” explains Troy. “One of the least-addressed of those challenges is a gamer’s particular wellness needs.”

The market has not produced sufficient supplement options for both competitive and leisure gamers in general, but the problem lies deeper than that. More specifically, the supplement options available are not a total lifestyle fit. 16VIT has changed that. “Our 16VIT supplements are crafted with gamers’ unique wellness needs in mind,” Troy elaborates.

In addition to gamers who play recreationally, many gamers have turned their passion for gaming into a career, spending eight to 12 hours in a sitting position, developing digital materials. “Both recreational and professional gamers have unique dietary and vitamin needs that have so far been largely unaddressed by the health and wellness industry,” Troy adds.

16VIT aims to support gamers of different levels. They have sponsorship deals with some competitive e-sports teams, but they also work with the average player, streamer and hobbyist.


16VIT’s primary target audience may be gamers, but their products can help anyone who needs to enhance their cognitive abilities.

“Our products can benefit anyone looking to supplement their lifestyle with vitamins and supplements,” Troy emphasizes. “For example, one of our supplements – Blink – is designed for eye health. It’s not just gamers who are putting in screen time. Office workers, content creators and the general public are all spending much more time in front of screens.”


Troy is by no means the first person to come up with the concept of gaming supplements, but 16VIT offers something their competitors do not: total lifestyle fit.

Unlike most gaming supplements which are aimed at high intensity gamers, 16VIT’s supplements address the health effects of gaming and the wellness needs of the average gamer.

16VIT’s supplements also come in an easy-to-consume and great-tasting gummy form. “Most of the brands and products geared towards the gaming community are powdered energy drinks. Which we are not looking to produce as that market has been heavily saturated,” Troy states.


16VIT has already launched a line of gamer-specific supplements to address specific health needs. Blink was created for people who spend a lengthy amount of time in front of their screens. “The average person spends more than 11 hours in front of various electronic devices every day. Which can cause digital eye strain and eye fatigue,” Troy states. “Blink’s eye health formula is designed to help protect the eyes from harmful blue light screen emissions.”

On top of the average person’s nutritional needs, supplements must meet the needs of gamers who go for hours without eating or who – instead of having balanced meals – binge and snack between gaming marathons. “Peak body performance is optimal for long hours of screen time. So the Start formula is a foundational supplement for a wide spectrum of vitamin and mineral needs,” Troy says. “Start intended to cover gamers throughout their entire gaming day.”

Repeated strain injury is also common among gamers, who spend hours a day moving their hands and joints. Continue developed to treat the pain and inflammation resulting from these continuous movements. “It enhances joint health and delivers anti-inflammatory properties and powerful antioxidants,” Troy explains.


16VIT is also in the process of launching a new product to address another common problem. Anyone who spends long hours in front of a screen would experience: a disrupted sleep cycle.

“Spending hours in front of a screen can seriously mess with someone’s sleep routine. The need for healthy sleep is a clear need in the gaming community. Reset designed to naturally help you fall asleep using melatonin. Blending melatonin with a few other natural ingredients. Reset helps your mind slow down and settle your body into rest mode.”


16VIT is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This has proven to be a useful avenue for seeking support from the public. The campaign is also beneficial to 16VIT supporters, who enjoy perks like a year’s worth of supplements and conference sponsorships.

Troy hopes the campaign will help 16VIT achieve rapid growth by helping them to channel more money into product and brand development.

“We also invest heavily in our social presence and this campaign will help us drive more traction in the community. Assist in leveling up our marketing efforts across social platforms,” he adds.


Troy is optimistic about the future growth of 16VIT beyond 2020. “We continue to expand our sponsorship program and look forward to getting involved in industry trade events, competitive events and continuing to grow as a trusted brand,” he says.

Since gaming is gaining popularity and overall wellness is being discussed more often. 16VIT is well on its way to becoming the first place gamers turn to for their vitamin and supplement needs.