Growing a successful online business requires deploying the right tools and marketing as well as market penetration strategies. Luckily, there has never been a better time to start an online business due to the vast amount of available tools that help streamline even the most complex in-house processes.

This guide will take you through some practical tools that can help make you and your team much more effective. They allow you to do more without breaking the bank. The best part is that some of these are free, which can help you keep those costs down. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

1. Mailshake

Reaching out to new potential clients is a step every business owner takes at one point. Fighting for every lead is the only way to grow continuously. Since everyone is doing it, it’s necessary to find a different approach to get better results. That’s where cold email software such as Mailshake can be of great help.

The tool comes equipped with various automation tools that let you reach out to more leads with your email. What’s more, it also provides detailed analytics of your email outreach campaigns. The most notable feature is easily tracking the status of every lead in your automated outreach campaign.

What’s more, you can integrate the tool with other software solutions to make it more effective. A good example is CRM software integration which lets you get the most out of it. Additionally, there are plenty of other integrations that allow you to quickly turn your email cold outreach into a phone cold phone call via VoIP. All this guarantees results in significantly more sales for businesses.

2. MySignature

One of your first points of contact with new clients is through email. You need it to look as professional as possible. Your email signature contains all of your contact information that’s necessary for clients to reach out afterward.

If you want to be remembered from the first cold email you send, having a unique signature will help you do this. My signature is a helpful tool that offers you different customizable templates to choose from. It also works across all email providers. Include all the relevant information right from the start and make your online business easily reachable.

3. Buffer

Social media tools have become an integral part of various online business marketing strategies. After all, social media is the place where billions of people spend time every day. Therefore, establishing a presence and following can bring potential clients to a business.

While being present on social media networks is easy, things can quickly become complicated once you create multiple social media accounts. Buffer is a social media management platform that lets you control all your social media activity from a single place.

Using this platform will make your marketing team more effective because everything is in one place. They can experiment with TikTok strategies and monitor the analytics of other social media accounts and their effectiveness.

4. Mailchimp

Email marketing is still an important marketing channel in the online world. This means that businesses will keep investing in it heavily. Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that can help you automate, segregate and reach out to your audience effectively.

The tool is effective because of its built-in analytics, allowing you to become more familiar with your audience. That way, you can tailor emails for specific audiences in your email list to get the best result.

5. Adobe

Creating compelling visuals will help you captivate your audience and keep them returning to your brand. Mastering the skill of using the Adobe suite will help you achieve that goal easily.

You can use the suite to create banners, ads, and any other promotional materials for various brands. Its features make it one of the best image and video processing tools, allowing creators to create compelling imagery.

While it might look complex at first sight, there are plenty of professional courses that will help you quickly start using the tool. If you train your in-house team to use the full potential of Adobe products, they’ll be able to collaborate seamlessly and create impressive visuals for your email marketing, social media and PPC marketing campaigns.

6. Google Workspace

Keeping your communications, documents, and storage in one place is a great way to ensure high productivity in your company. Google Workspace is such a tool that’ll allow you to manage all of these things from a single platform. It offers company emails, a shared calendar, and simple document management for easier collaboration. Company members can work on slides, sheets, and docs together. There’s also Google cloud storage that lets you keep all the valuable company data safe in the cloud.

There’s also video conferencing and chat that lets remote teams stay in touch.

7. Google Analytics

Use the analytics data to learn more about your customers and improve the quality of your services. Google Analytics is the perfect tool that will show you:

  • The origin of your traffic
  • Audience demographics
  • User behavior statistics

With these details at hand, you’ll be able to craft more effective PPC campaigns that target the audience interested in your product or service. The tool is highly user-friendly, plus you can explore learning materials to get the hang of it quickly.

8. LinkedIn

Many see LinkedIn as another social media platform and nothing else. Consider who the platform users are. LinkedIn users are individuals who are interested in doing business in one way or another. If you want your business to grow, you’ll need to find the top talent.

That’s what makes LinkedIn an effective talent-finding tool. The platform’s advanced search options and almost a billion active users allow users access to a vast talent pool of professionals. Use it to your advantage in your next hiring process to find the best candidate for a new position.

9. Freshbooks

Every online business needs an effective method of handling its finances. That’s what Freshbooks will help you achieve. The tool comes equipped with a wide variety of financial features that make it easy to pay, invoice, and track finances in one place.

Integrations with other tools such as Slack, Gmail, and Mailchimp make it the perfect addition to the other tools you’re using.

10. Trello

Day-to-day tasks add up quickly. Laying everything out and managing tasks is more straightforward with the right tool at hand. Trello is a project management solution that helps businesses quickly control their tasks.

It comes equipped with predictive features, making it even easier to use after some time. Trello learns better shortcuts from your team’s behavior and providers when managing your tasks. The tool also features boards where you can create various columns that determine a task’s status.

Each task is a card that contains all the relevant task details, and as you move them through the columns, everyone on the team is up to date with the task’s status. Teams of all sizes can make use of this tool, as there are no limits to how many boards you can make and connect together.


These tools will help you organize your internal processes much better. They will make your teams much more effective because they can do more with all the automation and other similar features these tools include. According to Helga Zabalkanska, CEO of MySignature, ‘’in order to grow your business, you don’t need endless resources – there are many free and affordable tools, you just need to know how to utilize them properly’’.

The point is to set your business goals first. After that, you can start creating strategies and see where these tools can come in and help your team members the most. Building a successful online business takes a lot of time and intelligent steps. Therefore, make sure you deploy these tools to get more things done without sacrificing quality.

You’ll quickly see how they can help you make progress easily.