10 PR Rules for Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaigns in 2019

If you’re considering starting a Kickstarter campaign in 2019, you may appreciate a little insight into the best way to generate publicity. While many people use a crowdfunding pr campaign such as this to achieve their desired financial and product or service-related goal, in reality, only a small proportion of those who start a campaign achieve their main objective.

With this in mind, here are ten essential PR rules that can give your Kickstarter campaign the best possible chance of success:

1 – Focus on Perfecting Every Aspect of Your Kickstarter Campaign

While this funding platform can seem perfect for those who want to make money, not every idea is perfect for crowdfunding. In fact, Kickstarter is primarily a place where creatives’ and artists build great things. However, the platform tends to make money from the design, technology and movie world.

For this reason, perform some research and try to determine whether the average amount of money raised per category/niche is going to be enough. You’ll no doubt see that products that have been well-designed are likely to attract the most attention and money than anything else.

2 – Always Follow and Adhere to the Rules

In the past, some companies offered a discount for retail packages but this reward was soon cancelled as Kickstarter announced that is wasn’t a store. This meant that those who offered bulk quantities of retail packaging could no longer do this. Another rule that has recently come into force is the insistence that every creator needs to follow Kickstarter’s guidelines.

Guidelines must be followed from the beginning of your campaign right until the end, stating that each creator has to outline their research, the development, and the manufacturing process. If you do not follow Kickstarter’s rules your campaign could be stopped halfway through.

3 – Set Realistic Objectives

While most of us want to raise as much money as possible, in reality, you should make your goal as small as you possibly can. You may like 1 million dollars of funding but in reality, if you can finish your project for a lot less, aim for a smaller amount. Work out the minimum amount of cash you will need to fulfil all of those rewards. Once you’ve worked this out you’ll need to add 15% for Kickstarter’s fees and Amazon’s fees too. If you need to add a little more money add no more than 10%.

If those who like to donate money to Kickstarter’s creatives’ think that you’re just trying to make as much money as possible you’re less likely to be successful. This is because people can usually tell if a goal will be met. If and when the goal is met, using a more modest monetary amount it’s more likely that the product in question will be made. This alone will help to attract more backers.

4 – Tell a Compelling Story

Potential backers want to hear a compelling story, and no-one wants to be bored. If a would-be backer can see how your product will benefit them or the environment they are much more likely to stick around. Moral of the story: take time to create a compelling story for the campaign.

5 – Use Video to Your Advantage

Creating an impressive video is key. To begin with, focus on your product and then speak about your background. Finally, add a call-to-action so people know how they can help you. Keep your video short, preferably just 2 to 3 minutes long and use your phone or a camera to shoot it. Your video does not have to be produced like a Hollywood movie, it just needs to be good.

6 – Have Fantastic Rewards

Backers are usually more than happy to back a campaign that they believe in. They’re also more likely to back a campaign that involves great rewards. If, for example, you’re creating a phone, ensure that the phone will be offered as the primary reward. Whatever it is that you’re creating, you need to offer the product or service to your most generous backers.

7 – Have a “Stretch Goal”

When you’re working on your research and development phase think of the stretch goal as phase two of the Kickstarter campaign. This requires you to hold something back for now, such as offering a different colour phone or new features. Your stretch goal can be used if and when you surpass your original goal. It also means you already have new ideas to hand so you don’t have to think of something new if you pass that original goal.

8 – Get All the Help You Can!

While you may be tempted to work on your Kickstarter campaign alone, you may be more successful if you spread the word through websites, blogs, and influential people. For example, if you’re writing a book and a well-known writer can read it and leave good feedback, that feedback could prove invaluable. If you’re creating an electrical product, ask a well-known manufacturer to promote you or at the very least say that they like your design.

9 – Request Assistance from the Media and Publications

If you want your Kickstarter campaign to be as successful as possible you need to get the media involved. Great press coverage can double the money you’re offered in a matter of days. Learn how to approach the media, find out who is more likely to be interested and who will sell your story. Contact people with the most famous blogs out there. Read their advice on their contact pages so you know how to approach them. You may be met with a few rejections but this happens to us all. Keep trying, keep contacting different bloggers, radio and TV stations etc. as someone will be interested in your product.

10 – Stay Focused on Social Media and Other Relevant Platforms

If you are unable to contact the media or you simply don’t want them involved use social media to help you. Join in conversations on Quora, LinkedIn and other forums. Use Facebook and Twitter to your advantage and promote your every chance you get.

If you’re serious about a Kickstarter campaign, you’ll want to promote your project at every given opportunity.  At the same time, follow the rules, offer great rewards and get help from the media and take advantage of the above tips to ensure the best change of you reaching and even exceeding your objective.



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