The IT industry in Poland is thriving. Dozens of recruitment agencies operate in this country, helping their clients to hire tech talents. They enable you to find specialists with any level of expertise and for any type of job, be it full-time office work or a mid-term remote project. In this overview, we’ll list ten Polish IT recruitment companies that are worth your attention. Plus, we’ll share tips on selecting the best service provider.

Top 10 IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland

You may rely on the services of a local or international recruitment company that has a branch in Poland. You’ll be able to choose from various payment models and benefit from a range of additional services, such as consulting or training.


Its recruiting team consists of over 50 professionals and its database features over 150,000 engineers. In 98% of cases, Znoydzem successfully finds the right employees for its clients. This agency works only with EU residents and candidates from EU-affiliated countries. Clients value Znoydzem for its fast speed of work. Its staff knows very well which tools and methods to apply to each particular case. Another merit of this agency is versatility: it’s ready to handle any type of request related to the IT industry.


This one states that it might be able to hire faster than most competitors when it comes to looking for candidates in Poland, Eastern Europe and Latin America. RemoDevs has large databases of talents from these regions. This organization specializes in working with software companies and startups. It helps them form strong development teams and scale. The RemoDevs representatives pre-screen every applicant to check their tech and English-speaking skills.


Most staffers of this agency have worked as software engineers previously. Their clients don’t need to explain to them long what they want. The database of the agency contains over 20,000 software engineers. It has hired talents not only from Europe but from North America too. All the candidates need to complete a 1-hour technical interview and prove that they have solid soft skills too. In addition to recruiting, DevsData is ready to consult its clients on technological matters as well as help them with mobile apps, big data and analysis.

Talent Place

This international company hires not only for IT but also for several other industries. Its team consists of over 200 professionals. If you prefer the RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) model, Talent Place will find an IT team for you that won’t join your company — but will work for you temporarily to complete a long-term project. The RPO model is based on subscription. In terms of the project model, the agency will offer you three hand-picked professionals for each position.


Consider this option if your business is focused on innovation. The staff members of dotLinkers have previously worked as programmers, big data analysts, business intelligence experts or blockchain developers. Their network of contacts is diverse and extensive. The key competitive edge of this agency consists in the usage of personalized networking methods.

Team Up IT Recruitment

This one caters predominantly to Poland and Central Europe. However, if needed, it can concentrate its efforts on other parts of the world too. Team Up stands out from its competitors thanks to the body leasing service — it lets customers find IT talents for projects that might last for an indefinite time. In addition to hiring, this agency can consult you on the recruitment process and train your HR specialists.

Manpower IT Recruitment Agency


It’s a global business that has been working in Poland for over two decades. Its HR specialists have impressive expertise. Manpower deals with outsourcing, temporary or permanent work, on-site solutions and many other formats.


It’s a boutique agency that has been working on an international level for over two decades. Its target audience is based in Poland and Central Europe — but it’s ready to work with foreign clients remotely as well. Optiveum helps to hire only engineers and IT professionals. With its assistance, businesses can contract IT teams or individuals.

Ntiative IT Recruitment

This agency is selective about the companies that it collaborates with. It accepts the employer’s offer only if the latter builds innovative solutions, allows team members to work remotely, provides its staffers with enough flexibility and pays them competitive salaries. It can find both full-time employees and specialists who’ll join the organization only to help it with a specific project.

Sowelo Consulting IT Recruitment Agency

Sowelo Consulting

This one has been around since 2007 — much longer than most of its competitors. Sowelo helps employers find the right professionals and open branches in Poland. Besides, this agency can take care of employer branding, executive search and other on-demand services.

Tips on Selecting the Right Agency

The step-by-step guide that we’d like to share here should suit any type of employer who is looking for candidates:

  1. Decide whom exactly you need. Do you want to hire people in your office? Or do you want them to work for you remotely and help you only with selected projects? Which should be their experience level and which technical solutions should they know how to handle?
  2. Define your budget. To attract genuinely talented professionals, be ready to pay them above the market average. If you can’t afford large monetary expenses, think about the perks that you can offer as compensation — for instance, flexible working hours or free educational courses.
  3. Pick the agencies that cater to the companies of your size and niche and can find candidates with the right characteristics for you.
  4. Get in touch with the agency. How promptly will its representatives reply to you? How polite and professional will they be? Assess their communication skills at the initial stage of your interaction.
  5. Ask several agencies for their prices and terms of work and compare them. Put down the results in a spreadsheet.
  6. Compile a short list of the agencies that produced the best impression on you. Look for customer reviews about them on independent platforms.

Then, make the final choice and sign the contract.