There are many reasons to consider using PPC advertising for your business.  In the following article, I will show you a couple of benefits of PPC, including launching campaigns quickly, providing detailed performance metrics and data, working well with other marketing channels, and having the potential to drive valuable traffic and revenue for your business.

If you are not using PPC marketing, you may miss out on valuable opportunities to grow your business.

Need to make a case using PPC advertising? Consider highlighting these powerful benefits.

1. PPC Contributes to your Business Goals

One of the main reasons for doing PPC advertising is that it can help you achieve a wide range of business and marketing goals, including brand exposure, thought leadership, lead generation, and eCommerce sales.

PPC is a powerful tool for aligning website traffic with your desired outcomes, and it can support many stages of the sales funnel.

The ability to track granular goals, target specific audiences, and access robust data make PPC an effective and easy-to-use advertising channel for many businesses.

2. Receive Instant Traffic, Sales & Feedback

While organic marketing efforts aim to improve your search engine rankings, PPC advertising allows you to bypass the need for organic growth by placing your ads on the first page of search results.

So you will get instant results and help to generate business quickly.  On top of that, you will get instant feedback about what keywords drive the best results, who is your buyer persona and what changes you have to make to optimize your conversions.

While organic growth is essential for building a long-term brand, PPC can complement your marketing efforts by allowing you to reach potential customers immediately.

3. PPC Is Measurable & Trackable

PPC advertising is easy to measure and track with the help of Google Ads and Google Analytics. This lets you see detailed performance metrics, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions, which can help you understand how your campaigns perform and what results they drive for your budget.

In contrast, other advertising and marketing channels like billboards or magazine ads may need more transparency and attribution for your budget.

By using dedicated landing pages and tracking your PPC traffic to conversion, you can see the direct impact of your PPC efforts on your business goals.

Additionally, call tracking can help you to isolate your PPC efforts and understand their impact on your business, which is only sometimes possible with other marketing channels.

4. Low Entry Barrier

Unlike other channels like SEO and email marketing, which can take time to build momentum, PPC allows you to launch campaigns and drive traffic to your website within minutes.

With PPC, it doesn’t matter if you just started your business weeks ago or have been in the trenches for over a decade. It’s easy to set up and starts running ads.

Additionally, PPC lets you target people outside your existing customer base, allowing you to reach new prospects and customers quickly.

Most of the work in setting up and managing PPC campaigns can be done within the advertising platform, with minimal involvement from your development teams. You can get up and running quickly without investing significant time and resources.

5. PPC Works Well In Conjunction With Other Marketing Channels

PPC advertising can be a valuable complement to a content marketing strategy, as it can drive traffic to your content more quickly and improve the return on your content investment.

PPC and SEO can work together to reach the same audience, and the performance data from PPC can provide valuable insights for optimizing your SEO efforts. Additionally, PPC remarketing can keep site visitors engaged and be a cost-effective way to start running PPC campaigns.

PPC can also provide real-time data and better tracking than traditional marketing channels, making it a valuable alternative to more expensive, less transparent marketing methods.

Google Ads remarketing is a great avenue to keep site visitors engaged, regardless of how they found your site.

Remarketing ads are shown to people who visited and left your site and are based on specific rules or audiences you select.

If nothing else, remarketing can be a great place to start running PPC campaigns as it is cheaper and lower in the funnel than prospecting and brand awareness steps tied to ads.

6. You’re in complete control of marketing campaigns

PPC advertising gives you a high degree of control over reaching potential customers. You can choose the keywords or placements to target, set your budget and bids, and adjust your campaigns based on their performance in real time.

This flexibility is not possible with other marketing channels, and it allows you to move quickly to take advantage of opportunities or respond to changes in the market.

Google Ads uses an auction system to determine your ads’ position and cost, but you can optimize your campaigns and test new strategies while they are running.

This allows you to manage your campaigns towards specific goals, such as the number of leads or return on investment, and track their performance using real-time data.

7. PPC ads don’t depend on algorithm changes

Compared with other digital marketing channels like organic social media, content marketing, or SEO, which highly depend on algorithms updates, PPC ads offer stability.  PPC algorithms do not undergo significant changes, so you can rely on previous performance metrics to predict how your current and future campaigns will perform.

Sure, cost changes may occur due to increased CPC, but overall, PPC can help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns over time.

8. Incredible Targeting Options

With PPC, you can take a multi-layered approach, testing and leveraging different networks and targeting methods to maximize brand exposure. This can include targeting keywords through text ads, using remarketing to reach people based on their past behaviors, and targeting specific demographics on the display network.

By testing and experimenting with different targeting methods, you can ensure that you reach as many people as possible and stay targeted to your audience’s personas.

You can also compare the performance of different targeting methods and set expectations for cost per click and cost per acquisition to ensure that you achieve your business goals.

The ability to reach both new and existing audiences is one of the biggest benefits of the PPC targeting options available.

9. A lot of Marketing Data

The data and performance information in Google Ads can provide valuable insights beyond PPC advertising.

You can use this data to complement your SEO and content marketing efforts and understand where your audience is and what market share you can gain.

The built-in keyword and display planner tools can help you to identify opportunities for reaching your audience, and third-party tools can provide additional insights into the competitive landscape.

You can better understand the searcher experience by manually examining search results and using this information to optimize your campaigns.

10. PPC ads lead to positive ROI

Everything that you can measure can be improved and monetized.

Unlike many other advertising options, PPC campaigns are easy to measure, so you can improve your ads until they produce a positive ROI.

On average, we make our clients $4 for every $1 spent with us, so you never have to spend more on PPC than the returns you get.

How can a PPC management agency help me?

PPC advertising is a rapidly changing industry, and what worked in the past may need to be more effective today. For this reason, businesses need to work with a PPC management agency with up-to-date knowledge and expertise in reaching target audiences online.

Hiring a professional agency can be easier and more cost-effective than building an in-house team, allowing you to focus on running your business.

With years of experience and expertise in search engine and social advertising, their PPC specialists can help you to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns and achieve your business goals.


PPC advertising is a reliable and profitable channel for many businesses, including B2B, B2C, and nonprofits.

With its numerous benefits, there is little risk in testing PPC to see how it can improve your performance and provide valuable data for your other marketing efforts.

By experimenting with PPC, you can gain valuable insights that can inform your optimization efforts and help you to achieve your business goals.