There are different types of press releases that you can leverage for your business. In fact, businesses in various industries are experimenting with different press release models and rediscovering what impresses the public. Last year, for example, there was over 3000% press release increase in the infectious diseases sector. On the other hand, the travel sector experienced a 35% decline in press release publishing.

The current news influences what kind of press releases attract more attention. Nevertheless, if you have a quality press release, it can still boost your brand or business. Do you know which type of press release is best for your business? Well, read on to learn about the different types of press releases and how they can help boost your brand image:

Press release types

Before creating a press release for your brand, you should learn about the available options. Each type of press release has unique advantages that you should consider. At the same time, they also have disadvantages worth mentioning.

You need a press release to dispense important information to your audience. It’s a basic source of information and is accessible to the public through media platforms. When news channels receive your press release, they will use it to create an interesting brand story.

After writing the story, these media outlets will release it to their readers through virtual publications. The objective here is to get the attention of readers and direct it to the company. Having said that, here are the press releases types:

1) Product release

If you’re launching a new product or service, then you’ll need to use a product release. This release will notify the public about the upcoming launch and exactly what they should expect. The release should contain product details and release date, among other vital information the public may require.

When you’re writing a product launch press release, it’s important to steer away from technical details as much as possible. Instead, you need to highlight the benefits this product will offer your target audience. Focusing on how this new product or service will change these people’s lives is far more likely to help you appeal to a wider audience.

Furthermore, this press release should explain how the new product functions. Remember to highlight the unique values that your product adds to the market. If it’s a product with similar products or services, you need to highlight your unique selling point so that you can stand out in the marketplace.

2) Good deeds

By performing good deeds, you can boost your business profile. We are in an age where negativity reigns supreme online. For this reason, when you participate in non-profit activities like charity events, you’ll create a positive brand image that will help you stand out from the crowd. Writing a press release for this kind of event can help share this positive perception of your brand.

Besides focusing on the professional aspects of the release, you can demonstrate your values. However, when you write this press release, avoid being boastful as this can ruin your reputation.

3) New executive hire

Hiring is a norm in any industry, and the same goes for firing people. As such, announcing each and every new hire will not help you make the headlines. However, if you’ve just hired a new executive, then this is a big change worth announcing. This is even bigger news if the executive comes with lots of industry experience or has worked at well-known companies in the industry.

Executives play a critical role in the success of a company. Therefore, if you’re hiring someone new, both your shareholders and your clients will want to know. In the release, you can highlight the new hire’s qualifications, specific knowledge, experience, and achievements.

Making a new hire is also an opportunity to re-assess your business goals and make them known to the public. This can help you with your rebranding and capture the attention of prospects.

4) New award

People love to hear about the success of their favorite brands. Therefore, if your company is getting an award, you should definitely announce this to the general public. Besides charming your current customers, it will also capture the attention of new clients.

Winning an award gives you social proof and helps you earn trust among potential customers. However, aside from members of the press in your industry and your competitors, the average person won’t just stumble upon news about the award you’ve just won. For this reason, using a press release to announce the fact that you just won an amazing new award is a good idea. This will help you share the news with people far and wide.

It’s also important to demonstrate how the award impacts your business positively. Don’t forget to include quotes from the company director or CEO explaining what this award means for your company and the customers that you serve.

You can also include more quotes from the organization, foundation, or business that is giving you the award. Including these quotes in your release improves brand image and credibility.

5) Remodeling or new business

Are you simply rebranding or are you launching a new business altogether? Well, you might be having exciting information to share with your clients. A remodeling or new business press release can help you with this. It provides you with an avenue to announce this big change. Simultaneously, it will also help with business exposure and publicity.

If you need to announce this news quickly, journalists can be very resourceful. Sharing information through them will help your news travel faster and reach your target readers.

For the last two years, businesses both big and small were affected by the pandemic. In the mid of 2020 for instance, most small businesses were closing down temporarily. 2022 brought more bad news with financial experts predicting an economic recession. While business might be slow, this is a good time to rebrand your business and find new ways to connect with customers.

If you’re partnering with another company, you should also announce this to the public. Announcing a new partnership in 2023 can help give the public renewed faith in your business, and a press release will help you make the headlines with this news. Such a big change will definitely capture the attention of the public and help your business benefit from the publicity.

6) Upcoming event

Announcing upcoming events is one of the important functions that a press release performs. For instance, if you are hosting a business function that requires public attention, this release will help. This kind of press release will notify the public about the upcoming event. By adding the right CTA to your press release, you can prompt people to take whatever action you want them to take.

When planning your event, ensure that it’s timely and relative. For instance, brands could not announce social gatherings in 2021, especially when the pandemic was at its peak. Similarly, announcing an outdoor event in the middle of winter will turn your readers off before they’re even halfway through your press release. As you can see, timing is important when you’re announcing upcoming events in a press release.

Promote your business profile with the right press release

Experimenting with different press releases might seem daunting, but this might be exactly what you need to do to boost your business in the marketplace. However, when you’re the same person running your business and managing the workforce, writing the perfect press release can be an overwhelming task on your already overflowing plate.

Given all the things you have to worry about, you may fall behind on your press release campaigns.

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